#1 Field Sales CRM Software and App

To manage day-to-day sales on a daily basis, you must carefully plan and organize multiple audience opportunities. SalesTrendz Live Tracking software helps you create, manage and optimize streamlined workflows for your field teams. With mobile sales solutions, you can reward field sales meetings and convert to paid customers. Provides smarter onsite sales management for modern sales teams.

The modern sales team is easy to work with and collaborate with. SalesTrendz field sales management software enables you to effectively manage your lead and customer data. Mobile sales apps support sales mobile features. Sales Vertical sales remain connected and accessible anytime, anywhere.

SalesTrendz Field sales management software is a comprehensive platform for managing all field sales information. Cloud-based systems accelerate decision making and organize field work to create better results. Assigning daily meetings. Specify customer contact and follow up. Access and manage multiple customer contacts in Mobile CRM. Collect, share, and transfer customer data across teams. Meaningful customer decisions.


Site managers are always on the move. On certain days, salespeople meet multiple customers and schedule meetings. Even if you have an internal sales team, sales representatives should update CRM and manage customer inquiries on a regular basis. Playing with all this is not an easy task. CRM with mobile apps can help you troubleshoot these issues. Administrators can update CRM from anywhere, even if they cannot access their desktop. With this feature, you can save time and find data about your customers at any time.

Offline Update

Mobility is very important, but if you cannot access your mobile network, you cannot do anything. Therefore, using CRM as an offline update can prevent many problems. All customer details, notes, and status details can be updated in real time without an Internet connection.

Call Facility

Sales representatives spend almost half of the time calling potential customers and prospects. In other words, built-in call tracking is an important feature of CRM. This helps track outbound calls and helps live agents keep tabs on all callbacks and subsequent calls for the day. Making calls through CRM makes it easier to add annotations.


A useful tool that helps field sales teams prioritize leads and better understand sales channels. This will help your team predict sales, understand which deals have higher closing opportunities, and which deals need more follow-up.

Follow-up reminders

SalesTrendz CRM with follow-on automatic reminders receives more brownies than brownies. Because sales representatives handle multiple jobs, it becomes difficult to keep the labels in subsequent jobs. As a result, when you have a CRM, you will be notified regularly about when you will have contact with customers and when they can have a positive impact.

Mark and approve participants everywhere

With SalesTrendz Live Tracking software, sales representatives can remotely view attendance on a smartphone or tablet. You can also use GPS-based location tracking and time stamps to locate your sales people and use integrated sales attendance management to reduce unnecessary transit and costs.

Plan ahead before moving forward

Administrators can set up and track daily visits based on the daily schedule system. When you move the CRM application, relevant sales representatives can view the daily meeting specified on a specific date. You can also check in or check out a customer’s location with your smartphone to ensure all specified meetings are met.

Live sports tracking of salespeople

With GPS tracking, you can map the real-time location of each field contact to the CRM system with accurate time stamps. Monitor agent behavior onsite with check-in and check-out times.

Stocks moving with you

Access product catalogs, brochures, and customer information and get ready before the meeting. Use SalesTrendz’s mobile management software to provide real-time updates to sales representatives’ plans and product offerings for smartphones.

Sell it anytime, anywhere

Delegates can enter new customer information, product inquiries, and orders into customer locations. View real-time status of all pending actions for each customer through mobile sales apps, such as order sales and payment holds.

Deliver orders without interruption

The integrated dashboard receives updates for newly created orders and confirms or rejects new orders. Notifications are automatically sent to the relevant team to enable uninterrupted order processing.

Know your status now

Automatically update order payment status through the SalesTrendz Mobile Sales app, whether it’s on or off. You can upload a mobile snapshot to your database to check your cash or check your payment.