Case Study

Enhancing the productivity of Sales team through configured Process for a cement company

A leading cement brand with 2,400 dealers and 160 distributors.

Cement manufacturing

Sales process transformation
Performance tracking
Salesman activity tracking


Client Challenge

Prior to engaging SalesTrendz, the client lacked workflows for sales team and visibility into the status of dealers in the sales promotion process. Lack of process and visibility created confusion among sales representatives and managers engaging with the dealers. The semi educated sales team was never sure of the steps to be undertaken with each dealer visit and there was no mechanism to capture their activities and performance. Lack of processes and data capture resulted into sub-optimal performance of sales team and the cost of field sales executives was rising constantly. Maintaining and expanding field sales team was becoming increasingly more and more difficult. The client deployed SalesTrendz to reinvent the dealer engagement process to match their new systems and provide visibility into the performance of each executive involved in sales process.

The SalesTrendz Transformation

SalesTrendz provided a robust mechanism to design separate workflows that provided detailed process steps to the field sales reps for different categories of dealers. The process for each category of the dealer would include the live pics to track the brand visibility, free sampling, dealer survey, competition research, order booking and many more. The entire workflow is so intuitive and engaging that it would drastically reduce the time taken to capture vital data. In case of order booking, the process would follow for auto-suggestion on the basis of 'AI' based analysis. When the sales rep fails to take an order, he has to select a reason for ‘no order’ from a predefined matrix. Live updates on each activity would enable the escalation of issues to managers and sales heads well in time so that they can intervene to supplement the efforts. The new customized workflows on SalesTrendz salesman tracking software and app resulted into visibility and insights that had not been available through the manual process. SalesTrendz also transformed the data capture process to reduce the sales cycle, decrease the number of visits for additional sales and create real-time reporting to drive sales analytics. The cement brand now is able to operate more efficiently and scale field sales operations to new geographies.

The Results

Reduce in average visit time by:
Increase order success and size by:
Increase ROI on sales team costs by:
Increase dealer happiness index by:

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