DMS Connect


DMS Connect

Many Distributors already have an accounting system in place. They are ready to share data relating to the product they are selling for the company. SalesTrendz DMS connects with the accounting software of the distributors and gives data related to their products on a real-time basis to the company.

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Comprehensive features include

Sales and Stock Visibilty

DMS Connect helps in getting Stock and Sales data related to the company’s products and showcases them on their Dashboard.


Auto-generate Purchase Orders in their accounting system related to their stock in hand.

Simple Installation

Easily install the system at the Distributor and map their products one-time. Setup products onetime with the DMS connect and then easily manage new products addition thru automation.


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

Critical Data

Get critical data like Sales and stock in real-time on your dashboard which helps companies plan their Sales and Product activities.

Order Fulfilment Status

Orders not fulfilled results in loss of revenue and name for the company. With DMS connect Company can track the order status of its Distributors.

No Training

The fast installation will help companies get data from the distributors from day one of installation. There will no need of asking your distributors to enter data into the system.

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