Sales 360 Portal


Sales 360 Portal

Bringing your channel sales on a single platform of a successful order management.

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Comprehensive features include

Single Platform for all

Distributors, Retailers and Consumers come on a single platform to book an order. The company can decide who can fulfill the order which has been booked.

White-labeled Store

E-commerce enabled website and mobile app in the name of Brand for creating true brand awareness.

Easy transaction of Payments and Outstanding on the app for a seamless transaction of e-commerce enabled website and mobile app.

Multiple Pricelists

Multiple pricelists on a single platform depending on customer type and regions.

Power to Retailer

"Retailers" can discover brand catalogs, Schemes & offers going on, on a day-to-day basis.

No dependence on "field sales executives" on an ongoing basis, as the retailers become self-reliant in engagement with the brand & distributors.

Rewards Program

Easy to use rewards program for retailers, consumers to maintain brand loyalty.

Service Tickets

Raise service complaints on the app and companies can track them and resolve them.


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Getting orders from consumers of your region.
  • Never go out of stock. Place orders directly to the Distributor.
  • Point system to sell maximum on the portal and get benefits from the company.
  • Get new offers and save by constant offers from the company. Order booking through the app.
  • Easily dispose of products by offering additional discounts.
  • Get your favorite brand on mobile.
  • Know what retailers are selling at the best rates.
  • Get the company’s offers like never before rates and get them fulfilled by the retailer near you.

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