Case Study

Increased clarity on the order status with enhanced visibility on the sales process

A leading food product company operating through 200 distributors in over 50 cities and providing a range of Ready to Eat Products to make life easier, healthier and tastier through retail outlets and stores.

Food production

Sales process transformation
Order Management
Salesman Activity tracking


Client Challenge

Known to be one of the leading brand in the food and hospitality sector, there was a need to maintain large set of data into one repository with real time updates on all ends. The client having a large number of distributors across India was lacking transparency into its sales process. The inaccurate data of the sales pipeline and incorrect activity status performed by their sales executives were creating a gap into their business. Order management was proving to be one of the major issues into their day to day activity handling as there seemed to be no proper solution to maintain that data accurately and in real time. The order status was not certain to the executives and managers which caused inefficiency in the whole sales process. This also affected the decision-making process and further business strategies. The incomplete data was misleading their decisions and burning a hole in their daily schedule and activities. Thus, data discrepancy occurred in many areas such as order booking, order fulfilling and dispatch process which needed to be resolved.

The SalesTrendz Transformation

After incorporating SalesTrendz into their sales process, there was a complete transparency of all the activities needed to be tracked for effective business results. The entire workflow of the sales process including the status of the orders traversed from order booking to dispatch was covered systematically. Every activity performed was reflected instantly which reduced the chances of data manipulation. The mechanism used in SalesTrendz provided a robust platform for sales executives, managers and dealers to perform their tasks effectively with real-time updates on all ends. The live tracking feature made it easier to determine the activity status, progress of each field executives also providing a complete set of advanced reports and analytics. The newly customised workflows on SalesTrendz salesman tracking software and app resulted into visibility and in-sights that had not been available through manual process. The product brand now is able to operate more effectively and scale new heights with its tools used for forecasting and analytics.

The Results

Reduction in average visit time:
Increase in order success and size:
Increase in ROI on sales team cost:
Increase in dealer happiness index:

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