Lead Management System


Lead Management System

Leads are the starting point of any business. Managing leads and getting clarity of the status of your leads from your team can be challenging tasks. Salestrendz lead management solution helps companies in tracking their daily Lead Activities.

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Comprehensive features include

Create New Leads

Capture leads from various sources: Field Leads, Website Forms, Emails etc.


Track status of all the activities performed by your team on the leads.

Lead Status

Track your lead status on the mobile. Assign leads to your team and track their status realtime.


Create New Deals on your account and track their status realtime. Track the important deals and never miss a chance to close them.


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

Activity Tracking

Get real-time updates on the activities performed by your sales team on the application. Never miss out on status updates, comments on any of your existing leads, accounts, or deals.


Get up to date status on conversions from Lead to accounts and deals.

Ease of Use

With a simplified UI and no learning curve, it becomes very easy to implement SalesTrendz within your organization.

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