Case Study

Tracking Sales Performance through Salesforce Automation Software & App for a baby care product brand

The client is a conglomerate of diverse industries in India with a group turnover of US$ 800m. SalesTrendz software and app was implemented for its baby care product brand to monitor the performance of 120 field sales representatives.

Baby care product brand

Salesforce automation
Salesman tracking
Distribution process


Client Challenge

SalesTrendz software and app was engaged by the client during a time when consumer brands were witnessing exponential growth in India driven by the rising income levels in semi urban and rural territories. Baby product segment (mainly diapers) provided lucrative opportunity with rapid cultural transformation towards adoption of diapers for babies during day and night as well. The client had ambition to make a stride and challenge the dominant position of existing Japanese brand in diaper segment. However, tracking the performance of 120 salesmen serving the rural network of 50,000 retail outlets was a huge challenge. The client made several attempts to automate the salesforce by various means with little or no success. As monitoring of a mobile salesforce in diverse territories is one of the most tedious processes in consumer product distribution, this organization lacked a way to ensure that their salesmen in far off territories perform.

The SalesTrendz Transformation

The client derived its ‘go to market’ strategy from 120 salesmen engaging with more than 50,000 retail shops and 1200 distributors. The semi educated salesmen mandated to book orders with 30-35 retail shops everyday failed to perform due to inertia and avoidance of spending adequate man-hours in field. Lack of supervision and constant watch over them further degrades their efficiency to the very low. SalesTrendz software and app not only provided real time location tracking of each salesman but also gave a standard process of stock taking, live pics, collections, returns, order booking, feedback and competitor survey, so the salesman feels empowered. With live tracking of activities and performance, the client now has visibility into sales volumes and issues and identifies areas for improvement. And with automated reporting that offers visibility into the distribution layers, the client is able to constantly monitor the ROI for each salesman, a feature not available when they handled field sales manually. The client started capturing the market share from dominant Japanese brand within three months after implementation of revamped technology.

The Results

Increase secondary sales against un-sold inventory by:
Increase productive call ratio by:
Reduce salesforce cost by:

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