Sales Force Automation


Sales Force Automation

Automation has been the need of the hour. SalesForce Automation saves time and resources which leads to an increase in sales and revenue for any company. SalesForce Automation connects your accounting software to a Mobile App. When your Salesteam is on the field, you give them relevant data on their mobile, like Outstanding Invoices, Ledgers and Orders booked by them gets inserted into the accounting system.

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Comprehensive features include

Seamless Integration

Salestrendz Connects seamlessly with accounting software. Salestrendz is currently integrated with Tally, SAP and will be connecting with many more accounting systems.

Targets and Achievements

Salestrendz helps in setting the targets of your salesteam. They can then track their achievements against the target set.

Expense Management

Salesteam don’t need to put in their expenses on excel or paper. Now they can directly enter their expenses on a piece of paper and track if they have been accepted, rejected or reimbursed.

New Dealers

Salesteam can create new Dealers on the field. Centralized data management can help in assigning/removing user access to dealers.

Custom Forms

Get data/information as required by your company with custom field forms. Servicing and Manufacturing industries need Data of work done or competitive analysis. All such data can be captured through customized forms.

End of Day Report

Get customized data of your Salesperson has done during the day. This will help and tracking the output of your sales team.


Get feedback from your customers on visits your Salesteam has done. Evaluate the results and get the best from your sales team.

Survey and Brochures

Launching a new product? Need to Conduct a Survey on features, colors or have competitive analysis. Create a new Survey.

Create a new attractive Brochure? Want to make sure your team shows the same to your customers? Use Brochure Display Activity from your mobile and track if the same has been shown to your customers?


Users can mark their own schedules for the day. Even while making a visit, they have the option to set their own schedules. Easily track where the visits have happened and where are missed comparing them with schedules.


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

Power to SalesTeam

Empower your sales team with data that they need when on the field: Outstanding Ledgers, Customer List, Distributors List, Schedules to reminders for visits. This will help them perform to their potential.

Easy Data Access

Users will have easy data access to the records of the customers with the smart dashboard. Track the financial health of your customers on the app.

Know you Field Sales Team

Get an intelligent analysis of your sales team. Know their Visit Schedule, Order Booked, Target vs Achievement, Daily Activity Summary, EOD Reports and much more. Deserving members can be rewarded and the non-performing can be removed.

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