A Companion So Your Sales Team Will Perform

A Sales-force automation and salesman tracking software & App that improves your sales team efficiency by two to four times.

Why SalesTrendz for sales-force automation & salesmen tracking?

Track their location, order and activities on minute to minute basis.

Match their output against the KRAs and KPIs every days, every second

More selling hours with no need for reporting, everything visible on a single click

All activities of a customer in a single thread with live chat, never miss out anything

Sales Force Automation Software

Same steps followed by all field executives across geographies when they make a visit

Awesome mobile interface for managers and sales heads no gaps in your management

Get stock update, collections, returns, feedback and market research survey

Why SalesTrendz for Distribution Management System?

Never miss out on any account info, have a reliable database and access on the go

Orders can be booked by customer, executive, manager or distributors – that goes to same place

Everyone can see the order status as it gets confirmed, dispatched and delivered

Manage all your sales related operations through a single cloud software

Global distribution chain on a seamless awesome software that they love

Rate and reward them on their sales volume growth and order response time

System alerts whenever a cause of concern requiring escalation

Discover how the powerful SalesTrendz App has helped the business like yours QUADRUPLE in sales.

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More than


Business Entities

More than


million sales rep activities

More than


hours of location tracking

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More than


channel global channel partners

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