Distribution Management System


Distribution Management System

The distribution Management system is an important aspect of channel sales business. Companies always struggle to get data of their Distributors on what Sales are they doing, what stock are they maintaining, what payments are they receiving.

Salestrendz helps in capturing all the relevant data for the companies thru its Distribution Management System.

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Comprehensive features include

DMS Accounting

Salestrendz DMS helps your Distributors Make Sales Invoices, Collection, Take returns of your products.

It also helps in creating Purchase orders for companies, Mark Payments and Return good to companies

Auto Order Insertion

Every order booked by a Salesman or Retailer gets directly inserted into DMS. The distributor will know the order is booked at what rate and how it has to be fulfilled.

Informative Dashboard

The distributor has access to all information in his Dashboard which he can compare with periods.


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

Complete Transparency

The company has complete control of Distributor Data his Sales, Purchases, Payment Collections, Outstanding, etc.

Easy Entries

Salestrendz DMS helps the Distributor streamline his order fulfillment process. All orders booked by Salesteam or booked by the Retailers themselves get directly inserted into Salestrendz DMS. The distributor can then part or fully fulfill the order through the DMS.

Expiring Stock

Salestrendz DMS gets batch-wise expiring stock data of the Distributor to the company. This helps the companies to sell off their expiring products on a priority basis. Companies save huge amounts by disposing of the expiry products on time which otherwise would have been disposed of on expiry.

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