#1 Attendance Management Software and App

With SalesTrendz, the managers receive the entire attendance data regularly with their field employees marking the attendance in real time. So eliminate the stress of managing and keeping an extra device for attendance management and know where your field employees are, with just a click. You are able to view the check-in and check-out time of all the employees working in the field, which helps you have a sight of the time spent and the number of activities performed per day. The ‘geo-fencing’ feature in SalesTrendz marks the boundary for your employees so you know when they are out of their assigned area.

Work Plan

An admin is able to check the overall status of a salesman from the work plan tab. He is able to locate every salesman’s visit locations and the check-in check-out time as well as the journey plan all on the ‘work plan’ tab. He is able to view their field activity in a list or in a calendar format.

The employees can mark their attendance through the app. Managers can view on a real-time basis the distance and time traveled by each rep after check-in and till checkout.

The advantage of having an attendance is increased efficiency among the employees.

Check-in/ Check-out

The manager can know the check-in/checkout time of each sales rep and also track whether he was on the field or on a non-field assignment such as conference or training, which eliminates the chances of ambiguity.

Simple check-in and check-out services provide location tracking for on-site staff. Once activated, location information is shared periodically. Team managers and team members can find people who log in and optimize events and communications in real time.

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