#1 Dashboard and Insights Management Software and App

Get all the insights and sales reports on a single dashboard, coupled with comparison charts and graphs for SKUs and much more. Manage your field sales team and their activities with detailed reports and analysis, to track their progress and performance on monthly weekly and yearly basis.

Dashboard Widget

The dashboard widget allows you to view the complete journey history, sales and expense reports, category wise reports, etc. You also get to know the top grossing products and other elements with the help of comparison graphs. Such delineated data of field representatives and advanced sales reports help an admin to easily navigate and make decisions better. It displays a complete summary of calls, total expenses and time statistics for visits and tasks occurred overtime with the representation of increased productivity as well.

The performance and operation of field activities performed by field staff can be viewed in real time through dashboards, analytics, reports, alerts and can be modified immediately by an advanced or management team on the mobile device.

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