#1 Order Management Software and App

SalesTrendz provides fast, reliable and easy order booking process where orders booked by customer, executive, manager or distributors go to the same place. You can track the order status on a single click. Everyone can see the order status as it gets confirmed, dispatched and delivered. SalesTrendz software and app provides separate login for each distributor. The users at distributor end can log in the application, look at the pending orders and supply them on the application itself. With SalesTrendz, you get full visibility of orders placed and supplied, inventory left and payments collected at distributor end.

Booking of order

Out of the 9 core activities that a salesman can perform, the first one is the order activity where a salesman selects an item from the price list as booked by the customer, chooses the quantity and then places the order. After the distributor’s stock has been updated in his inventory, the salesman books an order for that customer. And when a salesman books an order, he is able to easily identify the available products, saving him from calling up and knowing about the product status. After an order is placed, everyone from the admin and distributor to the customer is able to view the orders, which gives transparency to the admin about the order status.

Order Pipeline

Once an order is booked by the customer, he may like to know what has happened with those orders. This trouble is solved with the order pipeline feature. The pipeline basically displays the flow and stage of the orders, this transparency is essential for the admin and mostly for the customers. There are various stages of an order right from being booked to dispatch which can be modified by super admin/ admin. He is also able to change the sequence of the pipeline stages. A customer is able to track the complete order status.

Order Edit

An admin can edit the order from the order list, only when an order is either part supplied or not supplied at all. The distributor is able to know the edited orders with instant notification. If the number of items for an order has to be minimized or maximized, the order edit feature is useful for that purpose. Instead of putting in multiple orders for the same distributor, the order edit compiles all the orders into one and shows it in the order tab. Perhaps there is a possibility that the distributor may not have enough stock in his inventory against the order booked, which is why an edit order feature is important.

Order Notification

An admin/super admin is able to receive minute by minute notifications of the orders placed. A real-time notification helps the admin/super admin to keep track of the number of orders booked by his sales executives. After an order is edited by the admin, the distributor is notified instantly. Either the order is part supplied or fully supplied, it is all immediately reflected in the app.

Order Supplied

A distributor is able to see a complete list of orders assigned to him from the order tab. The date, time, quantity, all the details related to booked orders are all seen in the tab.

Hence, a distributor is able to select an order and supply them instantly with a click.

After the order has been supplied, the customer, admin/super admin is notified, letting them know that the goods are dispatched and the order activity has been completed.

Order Part Supplied

If the stock in the inventory is insufficient, then the distributor is able to part supply those orders. In the order tab itself, he is able to select the partial items and dispatch it. The customers, admin/super admin, salesman are notified instantly. A reminder is sent to the distributor the next time about the pending order.

The part supplied orders are displayed on the order tab, thus the customer is able to know the status of his orders.

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