#1 Lead Management Software and App

With SalesTrendz, you can carry out the customer acquisition process, viz., lead capture, lead filtering, lead nurturing and lead qualification. SalesTrendz provides you with a user-friendly CRM to drive leads, convert them into contacts, accounts and profitable deals. This is #1 application for lead management. Field sales executives can access and use this data in real time as they interact with prospects to close more sales. In SalesTrendz, the lead engine feature gives you actual leads as per the needs of your business.

Lead distribution

Reduce response time by automatically assigning leads to salespeople. You can deploy leads according to your audience, products you care about, sources, or other criteria you define. Simple loop designation is also available.

Tasks and notifications

Remind your sales representative immediately after taking important action to set up action for your audience. For example, if a potential customer clicks the “call me” link, you can set up an action to call your audience by automatically notifying your pursuing salesperson.

Mail Consolidation

Use SalesTrendz to synchronize team email inboxes. The entire e-mail exchange between the team and the prospect is tracked and no queries are lost. Make sure that all marketing and sales communications meet quality standards.

Sale notice

Notify your sales representative whenever a leader takes important action or moves a sales funnel. This allows your team to reach your audience on time and not miss the opportunity.

Sales Tracking

Track all content that helps you sell, sales performance, job completion efficiency, and sales channel status.

Source performance

Always understand performance by audience source to ensure a high-quality audience. Identify your top and bottom-line audiences and make smart marketing budgets.

Boot path

When a landing page or site visitor completes a form or qualifies for additional activity through a particular activity, it is added to the lead queue. Now, for some small businesses, there may be only a handful of sales professionals who are responsible for selling. This is not a problem because the core CRM tools can simply “circulate” these clues and evenly distribute them as salespeople enter them. By automating processes, the system can scan prospects to identify areas such as a state or region, a product of interest, and automatically route to the appropriate sales representative or team. This saves you valuable time and allows your salespeople to bet on your competitors and get in touch with your audience for the first time.

Lead conversion

Once a salesperson reaches and determines your audience’s interests, you need to turn them into opportunities. In older CRM systems, this can be a very passive and time-consuming process. A modern and effective core CRM tool enables potential customer conversions with just a few mouse clicks. The lead conversion function should include the automatic creation of relevant records for the system, such as contacts and accounts. The lead conversion process should also include automatic discovery of duplicate contacts and accounts to ensure the integrity of CRM system data.

Leadership Report

As mentioned in the previous issue, the reporting tool is a bet on core CRM deployments. In the field of lead management, sales and marketing teams must move channels to channels transparently. Leading customer process business rules using powerful core workflow tools (e.g. customer leads, qualified marketing personnel, sales-ready through sales approvals, etc.), reports and dashboard identification and establishment tools provide insight into key pipelines to “see at a glance” and allow management to take action if necessary.