An interactive inner circle meet with the channel partners at SalesTrendz Corporation

A close meet-up with the channel partners sharing the pieces of advice and fundamentals of the business market.

Mumbai, India: SalesTrendz Corporation organized an inner group meet with their channel partners, held at Lower Parel on 9th Feb 2019. A low-key meeting, discussing the emerging market trends and business processes was a memorable and of paramount importance.

The partners gradually poured in for the meeting, started with small talk, the gathering was a brief discussion on the different facets of a business process and the ever-changing consumer needs.

Everyone gathered at the meeting, shared their background story, the insights and how they have reached where they are. The number of challenges faced, the hurdles which were overcome and the opportunities, obstacles encountered during the course of their business journey all came under the discussion and healthy interaction among the elites.

Because as rightly as it is said, ”A little win for a partner is a little win for you.”, therefore the partner meetings conducted at SalesTrendz Corporation are another way to better understand the business and maintain a good rapport with the partners.

Each of the partners flourishing in their respective business gave their valuable inputs on the customer psychology. ‘A customer is a prisoner of his own thoughts’. Consulting the unsure prospect is number one step in business, helping them plan out their requirements, understanding their technicalities helps both the businesses grow, theirs and ours.

“You must provide a solution to your customer and not merely deliver a product.”

The SalesTrendz team pledges to solve all the customer requirements and build such a robust platform that would suffice all their needs at once and continue to provide great support and service.

“One can feel the urge to adapt to the emerging cloud software in business verticals thanks to the data security. Statistics say only 60-70% of the customer requirements are fulfilled. 100% fulfillment occurs when a product is customized for own purpose. Therefore, we not only speak about the product but also talk on the value of each module if integrated into your business. Keeping up with customer demands and being up-to-date with market knowledge is a prime factor in any business.“

“You can make the sales, deliver an apt product to your customer, but more than providing them with good software, appreciation matters. Just merely providing a product won’t help, you ought to provide a solution.” some noteworthy words by Mrs. Reena Jain, the CEO OF SalesTrendz Corporation.

SalesTrendz believes in their passion to always move forward in their business and there also exists a drive to change how the business is working. And if passion ceases to exist, then there is no point in going ahead. The desire to work diligently is what drives the team in building reliable, robust software.

There is constant building in the features of SalesTrendz software suite and apart from knowing the internal working within the organization, knowing what your potential customers is important too. When creating a feature they look at it from a broader perspective rather than creating just for feature sake. Keeping in mind the frequently changing demands of consumers, the team devised a strategic plan to come up with an ideal CRM.

Next, the team released their new video, ‘Corporate Profile’ amidst the channel partners in the room, which was well appreciated. And if you look into their website, there is some or the other enrichment in it.

“The best partnerships aren’t dependent on a mere common goal but on a shared path of equality, desire, and no small amount of passion.”

– Sarah MacLean

Anil Jain, a prominent guider of SalesTrendz Corporation is a man of few words. He quotes, “A business should be more of enjoyment than of work. There is no competition, there is only collaboration. If we work together, surely there will be a solution. Our goal is clear and we know what we want to do.”

Then followed a presentation on the future strategies and the upcoming features of SalesTrendz by Ms. Shabina Malik. The structure and development of SalesTrendz have been made keeping in mind the global market as well as realizing the standards and economy of India. The application has been devised according to the norms followed in business verticals across the globe. It is a core motto of SalesTrendz Corporation to reduce the hectic activity and stress of an admin in finding out the complete sales cycle in his business. Thereby, they believe growing every day in and out and leaving no stone unturned for improvement.

Thus, the inner circle meet came to an end with the entrepreneurs, as usual, giving their valuable feedback and then moving for lunch. The meeting ended on a good note and they hope to organize such prominent meetings in the future.

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