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The mega-booster year ending for SalesTrendz Corporation

Mumbai, India: An event was organized on 2nd April 2019 to celebrate the journey and progress of SalesTrendz, a sales force automation software, majorly circled around the drastic developments occurred in SalesTrendz. The discussion was also dedicated to the team, lauding their enthusiasm towards achieving the milestones during the year ending on 31st March 2019.

There has been an increase in the partner connect and many different strategies were introduced, in short, new chapters were introduced in the book. The entire team working towards building the connections has just revolutionized the company’s performance over time.

They have 100+ partner connections, both in Pan India and globally. They have touch-based more channel partners in a short period of time. Alternate strategies were applied during the course of developing this software, and finally, figured out the approach to be inculcated paving towards the development. There were many ups and downs during the journey, but as they say, teamwork bears more outcome than an individual.

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”

– Ryunosuke Satoro

Every teammate possessing some set of skills provide their valued opinion and effort in managing the tasks. When your employee can communicate with the management at its highest levels, it improves the transparency and openness in the dialogue. The teachings from the session prompted the team to learn from and share the answers and advice with their peers.

The COO of SalesTrendz, Mr. Sachin Mehta shared few words on the journey of SalesTrendz and the growth of the team during the course. “I am lucky to have a team of focussed and energized individuals who are contributing to the success of SalesTrendz Corporation, we have come a long way, kind of grown as a family now. I can call up anyone at any given time and they are available to solve any doubts. I’m very proud of the team for their dedication.”

A business has to build wide connections to grow. Earlier they had a vague idea on ‘How to connect with customers’. From having a vague idea on the customer approach to now having a valuable set of customers, they sure came a long way, slowly stepping into the market. Well, a lot of time was invested in research on the customers per se.

There happened to be many fluctuating but effective changes whilst planning out the techniques and strategies. Whenever a sales manager approaches any client or partners, the first thing that is shared across is the visiting card that alone has created a major impact on the consumers. The look of the visiting card generated overwhelming responses from the clients.

Next was broadening the network by digital means because as we know social media has been a huge lifter to create awareness and lift up companies as well as an individual. One must use it wisely. Hence, SalesTrendz Corporation has released many videos, one of them was the corporate profile video, which was a step forward in the corporate journey representing the next-gen in the market. The videos speak a lot about an organization, likewise, the videos released by SalesTrendz has impacted hugely in the market, portraying their place in the market.

Mr. Dharmin Shah, Assistant Manager has been with SalesTrendz since several years and has come a long way, started with implementation and testing to now connecting with clients and providing immediate solutions to their problems, he has been a one-man army. A handler of many things.

Recalling an incident occurred on 31st March 2019, when a pre-released version of the application was released, it was to be found that everything was going haywire. It was a ruckus at that time because the root of the cause was not figured. But by evening, thanks to the supportive technical team, it was all figured out and fixed smoothly. Now the product is completely stabilized. Such tough times prove the strength and dedication of the team. Also, they have introduced new strategies into the internal working of the organization.

A small team of like-minded individuals paving their way collectively into one direction, they are the ones who run the show. SalesTrendz team might be small in number but not in their efforts. There is constant coordination between the team and everyone makes up for any gaps in the work which is one of the best to be found.

The brand that has created vast visibility across, due to the videos released last year is sure going to make heads turn with its distinctive elements.

Now on the product front, earlier there was order management system but now they have come up with the location tracking, distribution management system and much more.

They got Montex Pens and Micro Scan as prized clients in their kitty. Many of the clients give an opportunity to increase the worth and edge towards bringing quality in the product market.

A new certification was initiated named as ‘Partner Accelerator’, which certifies the channel partners in an association of their efforts in accelerating the partner count. He is like a gym instructor, the one who has more connects and helps a company step widely into the market with connections. A one step ahead in creating a wide base. ‘Network is Net Worth’, living up true to this quote the certificate is awarded to the partners in bettering our connections.

Starting out with various events and programs this year, every team member was involved in ideas and structuring the schedule for it. This proves the concern in tiny aspects of the company. SalesTrendz Corporation has initially started with connecting in Mumbai region soon spreading across India and gradually globally. And over time, they have established a warm relation with their partners. They have successfully tied with international partners as well, which was a turning point for them to have covered globally, and yet to corner every location.

Mr. Pankaj Gilra, V.P – Global Assist and one of the key person in increasing the partner count of SalesTrendz Corporation shared his bits with the team. He shared his set of perspectives and beliefs with the team to draw more connections in the future.

He says, “We have our team, who proactively give in their input in important matters and collaboratively involve themselves to create an impact that is what makes us all important. We all represent and are the face of SalesTrendz. So when either a client or a partner welcomes you, makes you sit beside him and discusses your product, it is an achievement. “

“We started to build our connections in Mumbai first and then spread across India. Some partners are proactive, some are less active, but we consider each and every partner as our family. Never visit any partner or client with a heavy min. Relax and relate to them, get the pulse. “

Sachin Mehta, COO of SalesTrendz Corporation gave a peek into his experience on the client meetings, there occurs an equal amount of learning both ways in a meeting. Interaction with clients results in the growth of the business because understanding the needs of the customer springs into the betterment of the product. Further he added, “Our partners are very experienced people, they have made a name for themselves, and are into the software industry since years, so they have a vast knowledge of what is what and what works in the market, so to talk to them and understand the market is in itself a big thing.”

Next, Ms. Prachi Shah, Assistant Manager, who is like a supervisor to the team shared few words on the experience at SalesTrendz.

“This has been like a family to me, more than my family. We share everything with each other, we know each other in and out. The relationship with everyone is intact. Thanks to Goel Sir, Sachin Sir, and Ma’am, they have been standing with us into everything, be it any personal problems or professionally. On the professional front, the way I started from tele-calling, interacting with clients, attending client meetings, providing demos and training the clients and partners and coordinating with the team, it has been a great journey. And now that the KPI is introduced, I feel it is a good thing because it’ll help and motivate us to grow, to have clarity in our approach. We will know where we are going, we might be doing more than what is expected of KPI, which is important and recorded so that we don’t miss out on anything.”

Then she talked on how to go with the KPIs and shared the sheet with the co-executives, discussing the schedule and tasks for her peers.

In conclusion, major announcements were made with the team, and all the drastic changes for the venture was discussed. The purpose of the internal session was to appreciate the teammates for their dedication in positioning SalesTrendz to the level where it is now.

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