SalesTrendz Corporation organised a Partner Certification Programme

A close meet-up with the channel partners sharing the pieces of advice and fundamentals of the business market.

Mumbai, India: A SalesTrendz Partner Certification Programme organized at SalesTrendz Office on 5th Jan 2019 was flooded with many participants actively enjoying the session. The session was regarding the channel partners’ knowledge about SalesTrendz software suite. This programme was our way of appreciating our partners for their contribution to making SalesTrendz one of the best software in the market. The activities conducted as part of the programme were aimed to solve queries related to the product and propagate the knowledge on a wide platform.

The programme was held on 5th Jan, ’19 where they rolled out certificates to their partners. There were two variants for the certification, viz., TrendzPro and TrendzBuddy.

Let’s understand what these certificates represent:

TrendzPro – TrendzPro is like an expert in SalesTrendz software suite who is capable of consulting the prospects about the fitness of different modules of SalesTrendz for their business. A TrendzPro expert is capable of presenting the benefits and impact of SalesTrendz on the business ROI and he can engage effectively with the prospects at the level of decision makers.

TrendzBuddy – TrendzBuddy is like a trainer and support to the prospects and clients. TrendzBuddy can effectively conduct a product demo and explain all the features and navigation flow of SalesTrendz. He is also capable of doing SalesTrendz standard implementation and conducts a product walkthrough and demo session with the users of clients.

The session was started with a slideshow of the dynamic team behind making the session a success. Ms. Ruchi, an enthusiastic host for the evening addressed the crowd and kick-started the session with a bang.

An eminent guider for the SalesTrendz team, Mrs. Reena Jain, CEO of SalesTrendz Corporation gave a speech on “The Future of Enterprise Software” where she emphasized the significance of introducing a robust, enterprise software into one’s business and how it streamlines all the operations at one place and enlarges market strategy.

The next presentation was presented by Mr. Ravi Bhushan who gave a brief on the 9 core activities of SalesTrendz software suite and provided a live demonstration of the same, which was well appreciated by the audience.

Next, Ms. Samiksha Rai gave a walkthrough of the SalesTrendz website to the audience, showcasing how and why SalesTrendz is different. The website was a well thought of, reflecting a strategy which amazed the captivating audience. The automated customer support i.e. live chat facility of SalesTrendz replies to all the visitors’ queries in a span of 3-5 seconds.

walkthrough video of SalesTrendz was played in the background which was a step by step guidance of the working of the SalesTrendz app. After the walkthrough video, there was a short objective type assessment for all the participants where they were found actively attempting the questions.

Then followed a motivational speech video of Priyanka Chopra speaking on ‘breaking the glass ceiling’ at the Penguin Annual Lecture 2017.

After a short break, Ms. Shabina Malik, the mind behind the unique features in the application, talked about the upcoming features of SalesTrendz.

Mr. Pankaj Gilra, a business consultant, continued the session with his speech on the various opportunities one’s business can endure with SalesTrendz.

The audience then welcomed Mr. Sachin Mehta, former COO of SalesTrendz who divulged the secrets and tactics of software selling to the crowd.

The SalesTrendz Partner Certification Programme was concluded with Mrs. Reena Jain talking about the SalesTrendz journey, the past, present, and future of SalesTrendz.

Mr. Sachin Mehta engaged with the audience on a fun session of question and answer round, mainly revolving around the market and nuances of the business.

They issued 35 certificates in total, 19 certificates of TrendzPro and 16 certificates of TrendzBuddy. The zestful team bid adieu to the partners with gifts, hampers, and snacks organized for them, thus ended the session successfully. Meanwhile, the partners gladly gave their earnest feedback about the features that they like in SalesTrendz.

In conclusion, the session ended smoothly with all the partners leaving with a smile on their faces and we anticipate more such grand events in future hoping to make a mark in the market and reach globally with our ceaseless efforts.

You can watch the video of the SalesTrendz Partner Certification Programme below:

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