Are you ready for TrendzPro & TrendzBuddy Challenge?

Get certified as an expert in SalesTrendz software suite and enhance your prospects in the enterprise software market place.

We are in the process of rolling out the Certification Program for the partner resources. There would be two variants of certification.


The resources would have to undergo a short objective type assessment after they attend the SalesTrendz product and sales session. So share your team member details who would be certified on each for TrendzPro and TrendzBuddy.


Partner Relationship team from SalesTrendz would connect with you and guide you through the process.


TrendzPro is like an expert in SalesTrendz software suite who is capable of consulting the prospects about the fitness of different modules of SalesTrendz for their business.


A TrendzPro expert is capable of presenting the benefits and impact of SalesTrendz on the business ROI and he can engage effectively with the prospects at the level of decision makers.


TrendzBuddy is like a trainer and support to the prospects and clients. TrendzBuddy can effectively conduct product demo and explain all the features and navigation flow of SalesTrendz.


He is also capable of doing SalesTrendz standard implementation and conduct a product walkthrough and demo session with the users of clients.