#1 Customer Location Tagging Software and App

Location of the customer can be geo-tagged on google map, so when a field employee visits the customer, he can easily locate him and find the shortest route for visiting him. The location of the customer can be geotagged either by address or when they visit the location for the first time. The location captured can be viewed on maps and be used to create an efficient journey plan. Use SalesTrendz for zero hassle in finding locations in subsequent visits. Say goodbye to traditional maps and retain more customers by prioritizing visits and optimizing beat plans.


Click on the map icon and you will be able to see the nearest 30 customers from your current location. This will guide you in making your customer visit plan. All the customers are geo-tagged and shown on the map which provides an admin to check the verified and non-verified locations of the activities performed on those customers. When an employee is actually out on a field for visit, he immediately can refer to his customer list and gain more orders on the way compared to a scenario without customer geo-tagging.

Nearest Customer

If a salesman is able to track all the nearest customers in his scheduled route for the day, his visits are intensified and at the same time, his tasks are completed. With the ‘geo-tagged’ feature in the app, all the nearest customers are indicated on the map with their distance. Having all the active customers on the map makes it easier for directions and to locate them as the employee can see how far the employees are from his current location.