#1 Deal Pipelines Management Software and App

SalesTrendz allows the sales managers to chalk out all the deal stages like negotiation, proposal, won a deal and lost deal into their sales funnel and have an overview of the deal status. The sales pipeline also visualizes the lifecycle of various customer prospects, from initial interaction to deal closure. Deal pipeline helps salespeople and managers to see the status of the deals and how they are progressing. With SalesTrendz, you can take control of your sales quota by tracking deal progress to create more accurate sales forecasts.

Deal pipeline setting

An admin is able to create a new deal or else select one from the deal template and then set the stages in the deal pipeline setting. There are pre-defined stages for a deal pipeline, and an admin can include or exclude them. He also has full access to add new stages and arrange its sequence into the pipeline as per his requirement. The concerned executives are able to know the proper status behind a lead owing to the deal pipeline setting.

Deal stage

Once a potential client turns into a qualified lead, you want to know its accurate status or the next action to be carried out around that deal. The current stage, comments and all the details around a deal can be seen by the concerned executives and the admin in the deals tab. The deal status visibility is necessary among the deal owners as it ensures that you do not miss out on anything important and keep track of your valuable customers.