#1 Employee Score Card Management App

SalesTrendz provides a scorecard mechanism to set goals and parameters for your employees you can track the top performing employee and the non-performers on real-time basis through the activity data generated on app. With SalesTrendz, you are able to set parameters for each of your employees, grade them, and perform the overall assessment of an employee. SalesTrendz brings forth the employee filtering facility, plus assign a performance bar to each and measure their performance over time. The scorecard is helpful to motivate your employees to maintain their quality, productivity, and work habits. An introduction of the employee scorecard in your business will urge your employees to be fruitful and take their output to next level.

Performance Matrix

‘Performance Matrix’ makes it easier to calculate and keep a record of an employees’ performance on a daily basis. This feature allows an admin/ super admin to set a preferred benchmark value on an employee’s order size, miles covered, visits, time spent, etc. They can also calculate ratios and average of some activity and then based on that a weightage is given. An admin/ super admin can active or inactive any parameter according to his need. With SalesTrendz, you can find the highest performing employee through scorecard management and reward them on their total visits and sales growth.