#1 Field Employee Management Software and App

SalesTrendz has a unique feature of advanced reporting and analytics.
With SalesTrendz, you can calculate the cost and time spent on each task or activity on day to day basis. In SalesTrendz, false reporting by employees is ruled out completely. With SalesTrendz you get a complete overview of all the activities, like the time spent on the field, the routes traveled, services provided, everything performed by your employees on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The advanced analytics and reporting ensure you to fix the holes immediately and thus helps in the decision-making process.

Daily Report

All the tasks and activities performed by your employees when they are out on the field are all tracked and calculated by the end of the day report. The report feature allows an admin to seamlessly gain a glance over the advanced reports of all the employees. An admin/ super admin is able to check an employees’ schedule, customers visited, new customers and the productive visits happened in a day. The routes traveled and the time spent on the field is also seen at the end of the day report. A complete report of all the activities performed by employees gives an admin to measure their productivity and find out the top performer.