#1 Field Team Management Software and App

Managing your field employees was never so easy. With SalesTrendz, you can track your field staff in real-time, find the location of your employees, find the path they traveled, optimize the shortest path and find the exact time your employees spent with the clients. It gives you valuable insights to track the performance of your field employees.

Real-time location

Track staff on site. Learn about the following tasks based on hard data: Improve employee performance with a one-second worry-free interaction.

Simple task management

Create, deploy, and automate tasks easily and efficiently. Your customers will be satisfied with the timely delivery and you will have the time and space to complete your work.

Systematic and optimized

Significantly reduce paperwork with streamlined, automated data collection. By concentrating your records in one place, you can easily make informed decisions.

Performance breakthrough

With real-world data reporting, you can quickly and easily create accurate invoices, analyze employee performance, and measure interaction progress.

Accurate location tracking

Sign up now and start tracking. Understand exactly when customers received their products and where employees are at different locations.

Fast and easy data entry

With an easy-to-use interface, employees can record all necessary job information by pressing the button, so they can go straight back.

Accessible work data

If you have all the information a team needs to know, you can work efficiently and accurately. Use field service software to keep everything on the same page.

Smart attendance

Simple check-in and check-out services provide location tracking for on-site staff. Once activated, location information is shared periodically. Team managers and team members can find people who log in and optimize events and communications in real time.

Easy navigation

With real-time GPS tracking, apps find the fastest route to each team member’s next delivery. With smooth navigation and easy communication, you will hit your target faster than ever.

Employee mobility

Mobile GPS tracking provides the best on-site employee management. Monitor team progress through the web platform to minimize calls.

Goals and Achievements

The field team can focus on the relevant business units. You can create a daily and monthly activity plan to target that segment of a specific product and meeting.

Easy to monitor

SalesTrendz uses GEO’s proprietary GEO marking tools to help your back office team monitor the work of field staff to increase organizational transparency and accountability.

Quick and easy data processing

An easy-to-use interface allows employees to do more by recording all necessary meeting information, customer information, and access data when a button is pressed.

Seamless communication

Build a platform for messaging and alerts to increase productivity by connecting, communicating, and collaborating with everyone involved in sales and marketing.


Build a platform for messaging and alerts to increase productivity by connecting, communicating, and collaborating with everyone involved in sales and marketing.

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