#1 Helpdesk and Ticketing Management Software and App

SalesTrendz converts and creates all the request tickets and integrates into the application so that your customers’ concerns do not go unnoticed. The tickets raised can be prioritized, and assigned to the responsible agents and teams. A complete list of tickets makes sure you don’t lose sight of your customers’ problems. With SalesTrendz, there is a specific time limit for the to-be resolved tickets and so you need not worry about your tickets remaining unresolved within the timelines. SalesTrendz solves the burden of managing the tickets and maintains all the communication at one place in chronological order.

Ticket Creation

If a user is facing issues in his everyday activity or is facing any queries in the application, then he is able to raise a ticket. Tickets can be created by anyone, from the salesman to the admin. There is a ticket source option for the tickets raised via call or mail or any other source. They can create a new ticket with all the necessary details like ticket type, ticket status, ticket group, etc. from the ticketing tab present in the application. The option of setting a priority for a ticket makes it easier for the admin to focus only on the prioritized tickets. One can also set a due date for resolving that ticket.

Ticket List

All the tickets raised are listed in the tickets tab. The activities on any ticket are listed in the activity tab in order of occurrence and they can be filtered as well. The ticket holder is able to see the status of his ticket and the assignor can check the status as well and get it resolved before the due date. The support or the assignee is able to refer to all the tickets present in the activity tab and act on them. Ticket list also gives an overview of all the possible complications arrived in the application.

Ticket Stages

An admin/ super admin or the user who has created the ticket is able to track his ticket stage in the app. An admin can edit the ticket stages options and select the appropriate status for it. The SLA timer set for every ticket stage acts as a reminder for the assignee to quickly act on the ticket. The ticket stage basically displays the stages of tickets and this is essential for the assignee, admin and mostly the ticket issuer to check on his ticket. The total duration behind resolving a ticket is also maintained, which an admin is able to see.