#1 Sales Force Automation Software and App

SalesTrendz Sales Force Automation app is a cutting-edge application to automate your sales activities, manage your field staff, manage clients and contacts, forecast industry trends and find new sales opportunities. With this application, you can automate and manage all the activities performed by your sales team on the field and get valuable insights.

Leadership Management

Automatically capture leads from websites or from other sources. Audiences are delivered to the right sales representatives based on custom business rules. All prospects are tracked through real-time sales software.

Contact management

SalesTrendz gives you immediate access to current and past customer information, interactions, notes, email, and all other activities within your company to improve collaboration among sales, service, and marketing teams.

Forecast Management

Easily create accurate forecasts quickly and easily because you have a 360-degree view of past trends and opportunities, advanced automation features, built-in best practices, and the ability to instantly share information from small businesses. You can view sales data by time range, region, management, etc. All data can be accessed from the network anytime, anywhere.

Opportunity management

All sales representatives, all regions, and all managers have access to all opportunities through real-time sales software. Capture opportunity milestones, competitor information, key design issues, and other key data with a single click.

Activity management

Schedule events, assign tasks, and coordinate meetings to enable sales teams to collaborate. Centralized access to standard and special communication tools and presentations. Immediately see sales associate activities and compare them with other sales representatives.

Custom reporting and analysis

Built-in best practices reports and customizable reports give you access to important, up-to-date information about your sales channels, competitors’ performance, and more.

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