#1 B2B Sales Software and App

Double up your B2B sales with SalesTrendz which helps decision makers to carry out their longer sales cycle more easily and boost their revenue. SalesTrendz allows you to perform business to business deals and closures at one place. This is #1 application for B2B sales management. SalesTrendz provides an easy to use mobile app to enhance your market credibility.

Sales Analytics

Find out sales performance metrics which entails top customers, top organizations, top state, and highest performing salesman. Having advanced reports and analytics solution helps you to chalk out strategies and facilitate your sales progress rapidly.

Heat Map

In the order and heat map, an admin knows which territory is yielding the most orders. The amount of action on a region is reflected by colors. This is very beneficial for the authorities to figure out where the orders are in demand and focus on that region.

Sales Pipeline

It helps to analyze the B2B engagement and aids in closing more deals and analyzing all the contacts right from prospect stage to closure. Find out the one that will yield more business. The leads converted into deals are reflected on the deal tab, the sales pipeline is all recorded and it provides an overseeing to the admin who gets to know where the sales team is lacking, how close the sales team is to reach a quota and which ones are proving to become fruitful investments.