#1 Door to Door Sales Software and App

SalesTrendz enables thousands of door-to-door companies with the #1 field sales solution in the industry. By providing field sales executives with an easy-to-use mobile app for tracking their leads, sales managers and owners can accurately track the return on their door-to-door sales efforts.

Sales Analytics

Find out the sales performance metrics which entails top customers, top organizations, top state, and highest performing salesman.


Having advanced reports and analytics solution helps you to chalk out strategies and facilitate your sales progress rapidly.

Sales Activity Tracking

All the sales activities performed by a salesman are shown on the activity tab. Whether a salesman has booked an order, supplied free sample or marked his visit, everything is tracked and maintained on the activity tab. The visibility of all the activities helps an admin or the manager with all the minute details to help in the decision-making process of your sales cycle.

Salesman Report

The report feature allows an admin to seamlessly glance over the advanced reports of the employees when they are out on the field. An admin/ super admin is able to check an employees’ schedule, customers visited, new customers and the productive visits happened in a day. The routes traveled and the time spent on the field is also seen at end of the day report. A complete report of all the activities performed by employees gives an admin to measure their productivity and find out the top performer.