#1 Sales Rep Activity Tracking Software and App

With SalesTrendz, you can track sales rep activity in real time, find valuable market insights, organize pipelines and increase sales like never before. SalesTrendz provides sales executives and managers with a reporting and tracking solution with a real-time GPS tracking feature. This is #1 application for sales rep activity tracking. SalesTrendz provides an easy to use mobile app for tracking field executives’ activities.

9 Activities

With SalesTrendz application, a salesman is able to perform all the relevant sales activities for the day when he is on the field. The core activities like visiting customers, placing orders, collecting the payment, taking feedback, providing samples, survey, etc. can all be performed.

Sales Activity Tracking

All the sales activities performed by a salesman are shown on the activity tab. Whether a salesman has booked an order, supplied a free sample or marked his visit, everything is tracked and maintained on the activity tab. The visibility of all the activities helps an admin or the manager with all the minute details to help in the decision-making process of your sales cycle.

Salesman Journey Plan

An admin/ super admin is able to find the sales executives’ daily trip for the day, track their total time spent on the field and the distance traversed all on the journey tab. Managers can view on a real-time basis the distance traveled by each rep after check-in and till check-out.


This feature allows an admin not only to evaluate the productive visits but also to check the total customers visited all in a single app.