#1 Salesman Score Card Management Software and App

With SalesTrendz, you can track the salesman’s performance with the scorecard on a daily basis. This is #1 application for salesman score management. ‘Performance Matrix’ feature allows the admin to pick the best performer. It allows you to track the performance against target. Activity-based weight helps in deciding the star performer and weed out the non-performers.

Performance Matrix

‘Performance Matrix’ makes it easier to calculate and keep a record of an employees’ performance on a daily basis. This feature allows an admin/ super admin to set a preferred benchmark value on an employee’s order size, miles covered, visits, time spent, etc. They can also calculate ratios and average of some activity and then based on that a weightage is given. An admin/ super admin can active or inactive any parameter according to his need. With SalesTrendz, you can find the highest performing employee through scorecard management and reward them on their total visits and sales growth.

Salesman Performance

An admin is also able to view salesmen’s performance in the form of a graphical representation. This feature is present in his admin panel from where he is even able to check the total revenue collected in a day. The graph shows the performance periodically, be it on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.


A quick glance at the graph depicting performances of each salesman makes sure he is well-informed.