#1 Salesman Tracking Software and App

With SalesTrendz, you can track salespeople in real time, find valuable market insights, organize pipelines and increase sales like never before. SalesTrendz provides sales executives and managers with a reporting and tracking solution with a real-time GPS tracking feature. SalesTrendz provides an easy to use mobile app for tracking field executives’ location and activities.

GPS Location Tracking

SalesTrendz helps you track the location of salespeople with the help of GPS. You can track their daily movements, details, meeting times and sales orders.

  • Drop pins to have instant visibility
  • Have an aerial view of the sales reps
  • See where your sales representative is
  • View all field reps on a Google map

Sales Activity Tracking

With SalesTrendz mobile app, the sales rep can perform all the sales activities like visiting customers, placing orders, collecting the payment, taking feedback, providing samples. The SalesTrendz app offers the salesperson to take pictures with location details, feed his daily expenses of any outdoor marketing activity. Imagine how your company can take advantage of the powerful features provided by SalesTrendz which entails all the minute details to help you in the decision making process.

Sales Rep Performance Tracker

Use the sales force tracking application SalesTrendz to improve the performance of the field sales team. With the in-depth analysis and reporting capabilities provided by SalesTrendz, your sales team can leverage your valuable resources and make informed decisions.

‘Performance Matrix’ feature allows the admin to pick the best performer. It allows you to track the performance against target. Activity-based weight helps in deciding the star performer and weed out the non-performers.

Salesman Journey Plan

An admin/ super admin is able to find the sales executives’ daily trip for the day, track their total time spent on the field and the distance traversed all on the journey tab. Managers can view on a real-time basis the distance traveled by each rep after check-in and till check-out.


This feature allows an admin not only to evaluate the productive visits but also to check the total customers visited all in a single app.

Sales Rep Route Planner

Develop a daily plan for individual employees for as many customers or potential customers as possible. With the SalesTrendz Route Planner, you can add new meetings or schedule visits to your sales executives’ responsibilities. “Geo-fencing “feature carves out a boundary for your sales executives to perform their activities within a boundary.

Sales Order Tracking

After an order is placed, everyone from the admin and distributor to the customer is able to view the orders, which gives transparency to the admin about the order status. An admin/ super admin is able to receive minute by minute notifications of the orders placed. A real-time notification helps the admin/ super admin to keep track of the number of orders booked by his sales executives.