#1 Territory Management Software and App

With SalesTrendz, you can assign territories to your salespeople in real time. ‘Geo-fencing’ allows the salesman to perform his task within the boundary, where his territory has been marked. Set up your sales territory for your sales executives with SalesTrendz. Laying out precisely where to go prompts a larger amount of certainty in your sales executives.

State-wise schedule

An admin can select a state and assign a salesman to that organization. He is also able to appoint date-wise visits for his salesman. So, no need for making phone calls or writing emails for this purpose.


All the salesman assigned on a given route are displayed on that organization, this systematic assignment of roles to each and every salesman makes it easier for the higher authorities to keep a tab on their salesmen.

Route Scheduler

An admin can schedule routes for sales reps. The manager can assign routes to the field reps/ executives and fix appointments so that lots of time is saved from office meetings and phone calls for scheduling appointments. “Geo-fencing “feature carves out a boundary for your sales executives to perform their activities within a boundary. So, no need for making phone calls or writing emails for this purpose.

Organisation Overview

An administrator can see all the states inside an organization, the activity status and all the customers on that route. To know all the activities happening or the people responsible for that number of the organization are all seen from the state tab.

Work Plan

An admin is able to check the overall status of a salesman from the work plan tab. He is able to locate every salesman’s visit locations and the check-in, check-out time as well as the journey plan all on the ‘work plan’ tab. He is able to view their field activity in a list or in a calendar format. The sales executives can mark their attendance through the app. An admin can view on a real-time basis the distance and time traveled by each rep after check-in and till checkout.


The advantage of having attendance is increased efficiency among the employees.