#1 Sales Operation Software and App

With SalesTrendz, the company is able to maximize their sales operations and have the best productivity across geographies. SalesTrendz allows the managers, sales executives and reps perform all the sales operations right from order activity to stock management all on a single platform. SalesTrendz provides sales reps to work faster in an automated solution thus helping you grow into new markets. With SalesTrendz, you can manage all your sales related operations through a single cloud software such as orders, invoicing, inventory and outstanding.

Distributor Inventory Tracker

Knowing the visibility of the distributor’s inventory is essential for the customer as well as the salesman to perform the order booking process. After a company supplies new stock to the distributor/ supplier, a GRN is produced and the stock at the distributor’s end is increased.

It is said to be a distributor tracker because when a salesman visits a customer, he checks the stock present in the inventory and then book an order for the customer. By implementing SalesTrendz, the companies can have real-time access to the inventory of each distributor and push more supplies as and when the inventory levels fall below the expected levels.

Customer Order Booking

After the distributor’s stock has been updated in his inventory, the salesman who visits the customer is able to view an updated list of products in his inventory and then he books an order for the customer.

When a salesman books an order, he can select the number of cases, units and number of items and then the order booking activity is completed. All the orders booked can be seen in the order tab in the app.

After an order is placed, everyone from the admin to the distributor as well as the customer is able to view the orders, which gives transparency to the admin about the status of the orders. While an order is placed, the salesman reconfirms the location, enters all the details and hence the order placing activity is completed.

Customer Order Supply

A distributor is able to see a complete list of orders assigned to him from the order tab. The date, time, quantity, all the details related to booked orders are all seen in the tab.

Hence, a distributor is able to select an order and supply them instantly with a click.

After the order has been supplied, the customer, admin/ super admin is notified, letting them know that the goods are dispatched and the order activity has been completed.

Invoice Management

When a company raises an invoice and supplies stock to the distributors, the same is also seen by them and a GRN (goods receipt note) is generated as soon as the goods are received by the distributors. The goods received gets automatically added in the inventory of the distributor and when the distributor supplies the orders his inventory gets reduced. All the invoices generated can be seen in the invoice tab by the admin/ super admin.

The purpose behind having an invoice tab is to know whether an invoice is paid/ viewed by the customer or not, it can also be checked by the admin/ super admin.

Distributor Outstanding Tracker

Major concern here is the outstanding credit for each distributor should not exceed the unsold inventory lying with him. SalesTrendz software and application maintains and shows outstanding v/s unsold inventory status for each distributor on a real basis.

From the overview tab present in the admin panel, the company can make out the pending payments from the distributor’s end.

Secondary Sales Tracker

When a distributor supplies an amount of stock to the customer, or when a customer books an order, it is all reflected in the orders tab. The orders supplied, placed, part supplied, everything is seen by the admin/ super admin ensuring full visibility on all ends.

The secondary sales process is crucial for a company to make out the demand for its products and to understand the metrics and know-how of the sales activity at every point.