#1 Territory Management Software and App

SalesTrendz allows you to create strategic territories related to your target segment which will lead to positive results. SalesTrendz provides your sales reps to focus on given territories to drive more sales and also the territory yielding more sales volume. With SalesTrendz, you are able to see which territories are showing higher sales growth and forecast sales and revenue.

Map View

To attend meetings faster and knock business on the go, a map plays a big role in locating the hot, warm and cold leads. A map representation of all the classified leads grants the sales executives to save time and maximize visits. It also gives a chance for the executives to close more deals as they grow each lead with every visit. A sales executive is able to view his assigned leads’ location and its classification.

Lead distribution

Your leads are dispersed across the globe. Get them arranged in city-wise, region-wise manner based on locations. Creation and management of leads are simpler.


Get your leads distributed across locations wise in a systematic manner allowing you to manage your customers and navigate easily. You can deploy leads according to your audience, products you care about, sources, or other criteria you define.

Activity update on account

All the new developments occurred in a lead are updated and notified to the preferred lead owner. Activities on leads can be viewed territory-wise in a systematic manner, helping you fetch all the necessary output from a region.


The people responsible for and around a lead get immediate updates for any activities on that lead, be it a call attended, meeting scheduled/attended, demo update, etc.