SalesTrendz Gold Partner

SNJ Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most popular and sought after Gold Partners of SalesTrendz software and app solutions. They have an impeccable track record of consulting and implementing SalesTrendz Solutions across the verticals and industries. Their expertise includes:

About SNJ Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

We provide authorized Partner Tally Solutions and Digital Signature Certificate Across India.


SNJ Solutions is one of the leading players in the IT sector. Established in 2013, The Company has grown into a premium solutions provider offering diversified services in Software, Hardware and Technology solutions. With an unmatched focus in delivering quality services, The Company has sculpted its image as a leading provider best is class quality solutions in IT Services.


Based in New Delhi, the Company has enjoyed steady growth with its robust line of product and services in IT integration/IT infrastructure deployment and management services.


Our experienced and dynamic team drives the company passionately towards its goal-integrity in business processes, recognition as experts, quality control and dynamic customers’ relations.


We always strive hard to provide a one stop solution to its customers. We see our success through the prism of our client’s satisfaction.