6 things Sales people must understand in inbound marketing

As a marketer, the sales team’s marketing team has generated a lot of hostility for many years.

Perhaps the best marketer trusted the sales team to end the transaction. Maybe the marketing clue is completely useless. Whatever the reason for being a salesperson, I want to let you know what is important to you. Marketing is downtime.

Marketers can help you get a lead. We want you to be warm and let us know why you need to support everything you need to listen to your opinion and build relationships.

In particular, inbound marketing is the marketing method with the most emphasis on being the ultimate downtime. Integration into business terminology: Inbound marketing is the concept of creating relevant content at every stage of the buyer, attracting and delighting customers, bringing them to marketing and sales channels, and preparing them for sale.

As a marketer, I can sometimes see the crazy, foolishness about the love of wingman, and the limping of Liz Lemon, not Ryan Gosling. But the good news is that if marketing is a lemon, it can help to become gosling. Continue to discuss inbound marketing activities that sales representatives should be aware of and explain how sales teams can improve these activities to help you more effectively.

1. What is the buyer persona?

The buyer persona is a collection of all the information a marketer needs to know about a buyer in order to effectively contact the buyer. This information can range from customer-preferred product features and pain points to ages and favorite TV shows.

What the inbound marketing team needs to do is create one or more buyer roles. The Buyer role drives all inbound marketing team strategies and tasks and applies them to the keywords you create using your social accounts.

2. What is the marketing channel?

You can think of the marketing channel as the top of the sales channel. At the top of the funnel, there were people who realized there was a problem to solve. Then we will complete it by learning the early stages of the problem and how to solve the problem.

We will then move these leads into a step to understand how our products help them. The next step is to consider the product, which is the step of pushing the sales product into an active sales channel.

3. What is the content?

The marketing team brings content such as blog posts and white papers online to drive audience awareness. These articles are built around the keywords that your audience searches, so you can find these articles when potential customers start asking for help. (Of course, the keywords are partially dependent on using the buyer role.)

These blog topics may include helping potential customers who already know the problem, working with products such as yourself, or helping potential customers who do not know they have a problem. For example, a team of marketing point-of-sale software companies said, “What is POS software?” With all the topics at the top of your channel, your audience can understand your brand in months or even years before you need them.

4. What is MQL? SQL? Subscribers?

MQL, SQL, subscribers – these are all terms used by marketers to represent the contacts they acquire and train. Teams tend to use their own terms, so teams may not be able to use all of these terms. This is a quick definition set.

inbound marketing

Subscribers are most commonly used to represent the highest level of contacts in a marketing channel. A person who subscribes to a blog and submits a form for emailing new content or receiving popular downloads. Subscribers often do not know their email address and any activity that tracks cookies on their sites.

MQL is an excellent leader in marketing. These audiences are considered lower funnels than subscribers, but they are higher than SQL. MQL already shows signs of delivering more personal data, performing valuable work on your website, and evolving into SQL.

SQL stands for Sales Qualified Lead. SQL is an audience that is completely completed through a latent process and is ready to talk to a sales representative.

5. What is the lead score?

The best grades are great things that a marketing automation system can do and make it easy to track MQL and SQL. In essence, the marketer assigns actual point values to the work and provided data provided by the person in charge of the site. The score is then assigned to MQL and SQL.

6. What is lead cultivation?

I have abandoned the words “cultivation” and “cultivation” many times now. But what does it mean?

Now, bring the original downtime metaphor. Guidance is an opportunity to talk about secret love and wonder if they really care about you.

Lead begins officially when you first deliver your email address (and any other content you requested first). The next step depends on where you can get contact information from the funnel, but it shares a common child care process. We will return to the case of this sales force tracking app.

It started from a small business retailer who shared the email address keyword “Retail Return Tracking” in a blog post instead of a white paper on loss prevention technology. As a result, the marketing automation system sends e-mails through white paper downloads and introduces you to simple paragraphs.


The relationship between the sales team and the marketing team is not necessarily controversial. Superior marketing teams play the best downtime for sales teams. What you need is to focus on communication between teams and better coordinate who your customers are and what they want.

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