How to monitor your sales team effectively

The sales manager said, “It was like a professional sports coach, what did they do? I designed the best games and instructed each player to use the best techniques in each game.

Let’s look at the “game” to monitor sales team and the most important aspects of success.

  1. Make sure your sales goal is clear.

Depending on the sales model, the sales team can be based on time or commission. No matter what model you use, a clear goal is the key to success.

  1. Train

We have been preaching from the beginning. Sales managers do not need micro management and need guidance. Employees must be motivated to understand and succeed. Whether you need more information, clear communication, or pure motivation help, an administrator can help the sales team instead of creating more jobs.

  1. Execute

To truly monitor your sales team, you need to implement this. In other words, you must provide the information you promised and end the transaction. Once the sales team thinks their manager is not around, they will start to fade.

  1. Track

Efficiency is the key to tracking. I do not want to use time for manager tracking instead of coaching.

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