Three ways to change your life and business with ORANGE

Everyone has heard the saying that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

But not much is stated about an Orange.

Ever wonder what ‘Orange’ can add to your life and business? Many of us love orange for its sweetly sourish tinge but not so much aware about its value.

Orange is rich in anti-oxidants that helps you remain young over decades. And orange is an excellent source of Vitamin-C takes away your stress.

You might be wondering how a business software came to be known as Orange. If someone asks me – “What your software does?”.

Our reply simply is – life is already full of so much stress. And achieving sales targets is surely the most stressful of all jobs.

Most businesses struggle in managing sales orders and in tracking the performance of field sales executives.

SalesTrendz is a web-cum-mobile application that brings distributors, retailers and field sales team on a single platform, increasing sales efficiency by two to four times.

With constant high sales growth, you enjoy a happy and peaceful life.

With our mobile software, we just want to be an Orange for our clients, nothing more.

If we can take away some stress from the lives of our clients and make them feel young and enthused, our dream would come true.

So “Eat Orange, scroll SalesTrendz.”

Sachin Mehta
Founder & COO, SalesTrendz Corp.

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PS 2- OW provides free trial facility for its esteemed clients where they can see the value before making any monitory commitment.

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