6 Reports Sales Staff Should Track

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Many salespeople spend their time on prospecting. However, the most successful salespeople will see a lot of information waiting for internal CRM.

It is often difficult for salespeople to understand the dominant behavior of different channels. However, CRM software is the solution to this challenge, such as meeting scheduling, follow-up tasks, various task delegation, and target tracking.

As a result, CRM reports can capture, monitor, and understand your contacts and prospects immediately. All CRM reports look different, but most modern platforms offer a variety of basic reports, including:

1. Contact report

Anyone who has a sale can see it. Your contact is your most valuable asset. Your contacts are a network of potential customers.



Contact reports provide detailed filters by source, industry, position, last contact date, and other attributes by contact and transaction pipeline levels in the database.

This report can help you find new opportunities, find network connections, and find funnel weaknesses.

2. Life cycle stage funnel report

An analysis of the details of the potential customers shows that all potential customers are in an accurate pipeline. You can drill down into this report by product or source channel to compare your progress to each group.



You can also create a funnel report that describes your potential customer conversion rate so you can identify invalid areas as you pass through the funnel. The marketing and sales team will encourage you to talk about your strategy as much as possible and block sales so that marketers can get a large number of potential customers.

Of course, you need to integrate the CRM database with compatible marketing automation software to get accurate information about potential customers.

3. Profit report

Create a version of this report over a specific time period to measure the progress of new revenue streams broken down by goal and source, product and sales force.


sales-report-4It can help you understand original sources such as social media, email marketing, paid search or natural search. It is the highest sales and doubles sales. SalesTrendz already has a lot of baseline reports, so we see a lot of these foundations in the progress that sales people and other interested stakeholders can see. On the other hand, sales managers can organize dashboards and use filters in a way that is tailored to the specific characteristics of a particular line of business.

You can also use the Revenue Summary to forecast and set new goals based on the current due date.

4. Company report

When two or more potential customers are from the same company, the list of individual leads may become more complex. Company reports are a great way to accurately track potential customers, revenues and behaviors by monitoring buyers and their companies.

sales-report-5Such reports are part of an account-based sales (and marketing) strategy. Combining personal primary ratings with account/company level reporting is the best way to maintain ABM and lock in the most promising opportunities.

Depending on how the marketing automation platform builds the ABM plan, you can report it more closely in CRM using the attributes you create.

5. Win / loss report

The Wins / loss report shows real-time successful or successful transactions, the person in charge of the transaction and how to measure the due date based on industry benchmarks or team goals.


6. Custom report

These five reports are critical to a successful sales strategy, but you should consider other custom reports to reflect the nuances of the product line or purchase cycle. When you are familiar with basic reports or preparing reports, you can develop custom reports to drill down into the data.


Here are some additional metrics you can include in your custom sales report:

  • Average transaction size
  • Delivery time deadline
  • Customer acquisition cost
  • Personal salesperson performance
  • Revenue from customer challenges
  • Average number of activities for sales people
  • Closed loop/closed reason

The more times you learn the data, the better it will be. If you’re already using CRM software, you don’t need to delve into the important insights that can help you and your sales team operate more efficiently.

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