Orangewill is now SalesTrendz a companion so your sales team will perform

Why this change?

As you are aware, that our salesforce automation software and salesman tracking app is growing exponentially and helping thousands of businesses transform their field sales and distribution process.

This change is guided by our esteemed clients whom we consider as our own part, the evangelists who spread a word about our work, without expecting anything in return. Their contribution to our success is unmatched, as they do so out of their shear love and affection for us.

Sometimes, we really wonder – shall we ever be able to repay to those un-named, un-noticed evangelists? We clearly cannot. But they inspire us to the path of excellence and always guide us to be a notch better than what we are today. We always believe that if we can take away little stress out of the lives of our clients and help them realize their dreams, our purpose has been served.

We believed a lot in ‘orange’ as it has everything we aimed at, and we continue to believe that. (For an insight into our idea of an orange, please visit our blog)

But we cannot ignore the voice of our clients and prospects. We were advised to have a product name that is functional ie one that conveys the purpose of our product. And following the same advice, we came out with this new name that is ‘SALESTRENDZ’.

‘Sales’ is the heart and soul of our software. And ‘TREND’ conveys a story behind our growth and success. In other words, we are an upcoming ‘TREND’ in sales management and we are on way to becoming a leader in our area of work.

A trend is always a positive, refreshing change from the past. People are really fed up with same old blue color boxes and intriguing details on their computer screens that are a source of stress in itself. Sometimes, one really wonders, those archaic software’s are actually meant to make our work easy, or to add more stress to our already stress full work lives.

In other words, SalesTrendz reflects that new thought that an enterprise software got to be engaging and intuitive, and one that makes our workplace live and joyful.

We drive ‘Sales’ process management of our clients. And we represent those new upcoming ‘TRENDZ’.

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