How to convert your sales team to Digital Salesforce

Consumers are now dominated by shopping, and sales professionals need new technologies and strategies that can attract and influence their audience. The digital revolution offers many opportunities.

For sales professionals using online sales people tracking app and technologies, 63% said their income increased compared to 41% of nonprofit sellers. It is important for every organization to adopt a social mindset and use digital platforms effectively through its impact on conclusions.

In this blog, we will explore how an organization can transform an existing sales team into an unbreakable digital sales team that leads customer engagement and sales.

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Consumers are now rich in knowledge and have the ability to consult two-thirds of people on social media before making a purchase decision. With the advancement and development of digital technology, purchasing of self-service elements has become increasingly popular.

Rapid innovation and agile brands have not neglected customer engagement and change in buying behavior. As a result, the sales team is already active online and has networked venues for business and prospects, attracting more than 60 times more experienced salespeople in social media than non-social media.

For example, Dropbox, an unknown startup took advantage of the viral aspects of social media with peer referrals. With creative video posted to Digg prospects, 75,000 users subscribed to the product within 24 hours, reaching 1 million users in 7 months and 10 million users in a year. It is now a family name with more than 200 million users.

For many brands in social media where more than 90% of brands are already based on sellers, the key is to switch to sales.

Marketing and Operations and Sales Adjustments

On the sales side, marketing and operations are as important as sales teams. While marketing plays an important role in providing social sellers with the content they need to interact with their audience, operations play an important role in integrating people, processes, and technology into a simplified system.

digital salesforceFor a social sales program to work effectively, your sales team must deliver success to high-value customers, regardless of whether they are content or sophisticated email campaigns. By sharing effective insights about consumers, marketers can create the right content and take the most effective way to promote sales.

In the background, the operations team must maintain equipment work between people, processes, and technology, so getting feedback on what does not work in marketing and sales helps to inform and streamline every step of the sales process.

Determining internal functions

Organizations often do not understand their internal talent. Skills and knowledge assessments help create training programs that demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of sales professionals, transform existing sellers into connections, transform them into healthy and profitable digital talent, and provide the skills and knowledge needed to transform their business.

Many sellers have LinkedIn accounts and profiles, but many do not use them effectively. One is to have one LinkedIn account, and the other is to share and optimize and use it to reach potential customers.

By learning more about salespeople and technology, companies can develop customized development plans to take advantage of channels like LinkedIn.

Provide relevant training

According to 68% of employees, training and development is the most important workplace policy, with 84% of executives assessing employee learning as important or very important. Regardless of the ability of employees to do their work, it seems to be hard to learn and develop. Sales are no exception.

Although you can learn a few skills at work, it is more effective and faster to provide training to sellers with little or no social and digital sales experience. In fact, even experienced salespeople can change the speed of digitization so timely understanding of new technologies is important to success. Success is especially important for high-value accounts.

As salespeople understand their capabilities, they can implement a continuous learning and development program that meets the needs of each merchant in the team. By doing so, people can develop the skills they need.

Consider scalability

For many sales teams, the demonstration program can be a good starting point for measuring scalability. Beginning small is the perfect way to show results and internally create social sales advocates – people who spread the value of the program throughout the team. Once the positive results have been confirmed, the sales team of the passionate social marketing practice, we can expand the program according to the expanded and extended team.

Using coaches and trainers, sellers can learn the digital technology they need to sell and the support they need to use it. Microsoft used this strategy as part of its social sales program to increase the number of 15 merchants to over 3,000 and increase productivity by 38%.

Adoption of account-based sales development

Identifying potential customers to convert to sales is a key part of the sales process. Digital technology now provides merchants with new ways to market and determine the best account based on data collected from online sources and previous success stories.

Splitting is the best way to get a positive result, potential customers using a hierarchical process that helps you understand the strategies that your sales team can adopt.

For example, the first layer represents the most valuable prospect, which requires high-quality PR strategies, three prospects need to spend less time, enabling this link “ticking strategy” But less labor-intensive interactions. The real way to achieve this is:

  • Identify the primary contact for your account
  • Content marketing matches the right people with the right people.
  • Provide solutions to future problems
  • Communicate with your audience on social media and track activity, content they’re interested in, and the articles they write or post.
  • Create compelling custom messages
  • Use multiple touch points when contacting
  • Identify your audience and identify business challenges
  • Track interaction with CRM

Plan for a thriving online customer community

On average, loyal customers are worth up to 10 times the value of their first purchase.

digital salesforceProvide contacts with potential customers and colleagues for sales professionals who want to build strong customer relationships, social channels such as LinkedIn by facilitating discussions and sharing valuable content (including their own company and trusted third-party sites) platform.

To know which channel to use, you need to reflect the role of the interaction with your business and the role you want to achieve. Salespeople must understand the audience and build a community that fits their business and needs. For example, customer centers and Instagrams are more focused on sharing visual images, so it has proven to be effective in retail or FMCG industries.

Regardless of the platform your organization uses, you need to tailor the message to the expectations of the intended audience. Find a platform that takes the time to produce the best results and build personal, valuable and user-friendly information.

Set metrics

It makes no sense to create a sales team with a social sales plan without measuring its effectiveness. After all, the most assertive assertion of the seller’s social sales value is the result it provides.

By identifying and using the right metrics, organizations can optimize their plans and polish running elements to get the results they want. Measurable metrics are endless, but you can see which metrics apply to the following organizational and business results:

  • Social Sales Index
  • Number of fans
  • Number of shares and comments
  • Generated leads
  • Website visits
  • Content conversion
  • Network growth
  • New and completed transactions
  • Online activity income

84% of B2B buyers start the procurement process with recommendations, and peer recommendations affect more than 90% of all B2B purchase decisions. As a result, today’s business environment changes the landscape and consumer demand becomes more complex.

Digital and social sales offer countless opportunities and companies can ensure sales success by providing the sales team with the skills and tools to access and develop their online knowledge.

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