8 Tips on Successfully Deploying Employee Tracking App

Successful deployment of GPS-based employee tracking application requires more than the most advanced technologies. As with operational changes, employees can initially decline. Field/sales representatives may be concerned that GPS-based applications are too confusing. They may feel that the employer does not believe in them. They may not understand why a GPS-based staff tracking application is important. You can easily switch employees by engaging employees and clearly explaining your technical goals early in the deployment process.

8 tips to get started with the new GPS-based employee tracking application

1. Pay attention to employee benefits.

When the salesperson’s job is completed, the manual daily sales report, distance calculation, paperwork reduction, office time record, and order are not made. You can add your own daily refunds directly, upload your food, hotel or travel expenses by clicking on the photo, and get all the details from your account department easily. SalesTrendz makes it easier for employees to do all these activities, including:

  • Easily find all customer details.
  • Their address
  • Access their location via the Google Maps link.
  • Contact information for all questions in the customer office
  • When did you last visit?
  • The order customer has ordered in the past.
  • What is the payment history?
  • And much more…

2. Share Ideas.

Employees do not hesitate to regularly select their GPS location during official business hours and check in at their location and departure time. You can talk to your employees openly and ask questions and share ideas about employee tracking applications.

3. Explain how it works.

Some employees can think of it as the “boss” of the phone, asking what it is and how it works. After all the main goals have improved employee productivity, you will learn how to eliminate the SalesTrendz conundrum and use it to collect information and profit.

4. Tell them they are still free.

Employees may think that the company will monitor their behavior 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If an employee is on vacation, make sure your GPS location is only for business hours and GPS tracking is not working.

5. Open to employee ideas

When implementing an employee tracking application, the SalesTrendz forum should always be open for ideas or input provided by a custom employee, and sending feedback to actual users can be a great help in approving applications.

6. Do not hide your interests.

If you do not discuss the benefits of tracking with your employees, you’re in doubt. Please complete the application form and explain your interests. Of course, profitable businesses can provide employees with a better way to provide growth opportunities and a better working environment.

7. Keep the environment positive.

Employees can avoid changes for a variety of reasons, but keep them calm and focused on the positive side of the application. If employees do not have a large screen phone or say they do not have an Android phone, they can still answer, or even make new calls. People who offer power banking often say that surfing the internet can drain the battery. It gives the impression of a company trying to build a real-time tracking application to build trust and solve all employee trust issues.

8. Do not expect all employees to be satisfied with your application.

Strong employees welcome applications that can help them improve performance, but you do not need to create a separate report all day, even if your employee location is on the server and there are performance issues. Of course, you will not like it. Before you start the application for your implementation, give time to develop this plan and apply the changes, but please specify the plan.

We hope that all of this will help you successfully implement the employee tracking application. Before running your app in your organization, talk to your account manager and get professional advice on SalesTrendz. Good luck!

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