8 Tips for Success for the New Sales People

sales success tips

There are no natural salespeople. A good salesperson makes it easy to see, but an excellent performance indicates that salespeople sometimes spend time repeatedly polishing their skills and effectively helping their prospects.

Whether you are a delegate or you want to go back to the Foundation, these tips are is an important pillar of successful sales for the new salespeople.


  1. Start with a goal.
  2. Recognize that sales is a process.
  3. Identify business problems.
  4. Measure each step.
  5. Sell it to the right person.
  6. Engage team sales.
  7. Make a phone call.
  8. Affect your colleagues.


1. Start with a goal.

If you learn to sell, start at the end and work back. Knowing your goals and measuring performance is the most important starting point (to be explained in more detail later).

How many customers do you or your company need? How many clues do you need to attract a lot of customers? How many connections do you need to create many opportunities? Multiply your goal by the average selling price of your company’s product to get the sales you need to achieve.

You also need to set an individual sales goal. You can tell when a salesperson is in the top 2% of your organization. They attract attention, craftsmanship, and provide a coherent experience. These behaviors are usually before the results.

The goal is to become the top 2% of the organization. It will not happen tomorrow and it is not easy, but always fight towards the top.

2. Recognize that sales is a process.

Sales is not art. Sales are science and technology.

Pete Caputa, vice president of sales for HubSpot, professor at Harvard Business School, and former HubSpot CRO Mark Roberge are among the most successful salespeople I know. They are scientists skilled in making the classic sales process scalable. If you do not see the sales process as a process, you have missed this boat.

Sales are changing rapidly, but some are always the same. To attract customers, you need to identify the needs and interests of your products, deal with business inertia, and determine your sales schedule.

However, the way a company goes through a channel is unique. If you deal with each sales process equally, it’s easy to miss something. It’s important to understand that each company has its own scripts. So, before you call your prospect, talk to your supervisor to get a deeper understanding of your process.

This includes learning about some of the successful sales processes, including product placement, communication strategies with potential customers, understanding key value propositions, and identifying ideal customer figures.

3. Identify business problems.

Identify prospective business suffering and be able to distinguish it from factory business problems. If a step in the process is a slight annoyance, who cares?

Pain does not cut your arms. Pain is falling legs. Discuss actual business suffering at the executive office and board of directors. Someone can budget to fix it. If this is a key part of your business success, you will have a real business suffering.

Salespeople must build trust with their audience. The buyer must believe that they understand the problem and have the resources to solve it. But your relationship does not end after the sale – you have to fulfill your promise morally. Prepare for a product transition and provide all the help you need to get a satisfied customer.

4. Measure each step.

Valuable work is worth measuring and can improve everything you can measure.

Remember when setting goals? Be devoted to measuring performance. According to the price we are selling today, can I see the number before the end of the month? Whether your audience will be turned into customers based on your billing strategy.

There are many coaching resources in this age. A simple search on Google for areas that are having difficulty will return lots of useful information. In particular, if you ask for help before it’s too late, the manager will be happy to help you.

5. Sell it to the right person.

This principle is at the heart of inbound marketing.

In my early career, I spent a lot of time talking to people I did not want to talk to. But over the last seven years, I’ve spent more time talking to people who want to hear what I have to say.

This is the power of immigration marketing. You can save time and increase your chances of selling by creating or planning high quality, useful content and reaching potential customers.

6. Engage team sales.

I want to say your name when you start selling. Many salespeople believe that the fastest way is to blow their competitors by themselves.

This method can be isolated. Modern salespeople must accept team sales regardless of experience level.

For example, if you are not successful in talking to a big business CEO, use a qualification and call first for help.

I have been doing this for a long time. Since selling for 10 years I have had contacts and influence that have not yet established a new representative. What I have to ask is that the delegate did the research before writing the phone and wrote one page for me.

Use your team’s expertise to complete more deals. In this process, you can learn valuable skills and blow up quotas from the water.

7. Make a phone call.

The team manager can do periodic call reviews, but sometimes it is not enough.

Identify salespersons that are doing a good job in your organization. Who knows the prospect of a difficult goal? Have a few phone calls to review recent difficult meetings.

Do you respect honorable representatives in negotiations? Ask to reconsider your recent negotiations. Extend various aspects of calls and conferences and learn more about improvements in each section.

8. Affect your colleagues.

Along the same path, you can listen to the best things, such as colleagues and coworkers, and learn a lot about sales performance.

Spend some time every week or month to hear how a Team Mate makes a successful sales call. Whether you listen to recordings on the go, you can choose key phrases, tips for building relationships, and strategies to personalize based on your phone.

The most important advice I can give you is that you should learn from your team today, tomorrow, and over the next decade. This is why you are a good surrogate. That’s why sales are big.

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