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Efficient tracking and effective management of field sales team are one of the toughest challenge faced by most of the businesses. Even for the businesses relying on inbound lead generation, client visits become a critical activity when it comes to closing the deals. Keeping a track on the work and location becomes extremely difficult because the field sales reps and executives are always on the move.

SalesTrendz is a complete sales force tracking solution for small and big businesses alike. The field force tracking solution can be effectively used by the sales managers and sales heads to continuously monitor their field executives on a real-time basis. SalesTrendz has a proven track record to double the productivity and performance of field reps at a very economical cost.

SalesTrendz is a global sales force management solution with over 50,000 users and more than 2400 entities relying on it for tracking their field sales reps/ executives on day to day basis. Moreover, it is the most comprehensive solution providing for tracking of various activities such as visits, order bookings & supply, free sampling, collections, defects and return, competition survey, customer feedback, live pics to track visibility and many more.

The best thing about SalesTrendz is that it provides a mobile app for the sales managers and also for sales heads and CEO’s, who can constantly monitor the locations and performance of their field sales reps without any need to open laptop or computer. In fact, they get constant live updates whenever an activity is performed by a field sales executive and gets alerts whenever any unusual event is reported requiring their attention. So, the sales heads can be in touch with each and every sales rep even when they are traveling or on a holiday.

SalesTrendz provides both sales force tracking mobile app and web applications for managers and admins. Both web and mobile apps are so meticulously worked out that user doesn’t find any discontinuity and the switchover from mobile to web and vice versa is seamless.

Want to know more about sales force tracking system?

Salesforce tracking app for managers, sales heads, CSO’s and CEO’s. Salesforce automation app empowers the sales managers to monitor the location and activities of field sales reps/ executives. Managers can track each and every activity of the salesmen assigned to them both from web end in their office and also from the mobile app when they are on the go.

Why sales force management app is helpful for the managers?

  • Location Tracking
    The location tracking feature of sales force management tool gives a real-time location of each sales employee on a real-time basis through GPS tracking. So, the manager can be sure about the movement of rep in the field from morning till evening and rep can’t misguide the manager on the same.
  • Appointment & Route Planning
    The manager can assign routes to the field sales reps/ executives and fix appointments so that lots of time is saved from office meetings and phone calls for scheduling appointments.
  • Attendance, Check-in/Checkout
    The manager can know the check-in/checkout time of each sales rep and also track whether he was on the field or on a non-field assignment such as conference or training, which eliminates the chances of ambiguity.
  • Daily route distance tracker
    Managers can view on a real-time basis the distance traveled by each rep after check-in and till checkout. This not only helps in working out the traveling allowance reimbursement calculation but also in ensuring that sales rep actually makes the visits as per the schedule.
  • How the sales force management is useful for a sales rep?
    Salesforce management solution helps the sales reps to keep their supervisors well aware about their location and activities such as customer visits, orders were taken, distance traveled, collections, the outcome of visits, etc. So, lots of time wasted in sending daily reports gets saved which can be spent on productive selling activities. With more selling time in the field, their productivity improves drastically and they can achieve their sales targets with ease and also earn more incentives.
  • Appointments/ Route Scheduler
    The sales reps can schedule an appointment with a customer or plan a route for a given day and the supervisor and sales head also gets notified about the same. So, no need for making phone calls or writing emails for this purpose.
  • Minutes of Meeting
    After a sales rep conducts a meeting with a client on a prospect, he can write minutes of the meeting immediately and all the users having access to that account get notified immediately. The minutes of the meeting can be easily accessed by all the assigned users through a WhatsApp like a live messenger.
  • Distance traveled tracking
    Whenever the sales rep checks-in and starts visiting the clients, the distance traveled keeps getting recorded and is visible to both the rep and manager. So, the distance traveled by the rep gets automatically calculated. The rep can save time wasted in keeping a record of the distance traveled by him.
  • Reimbursement of traveling allowances and other expenses
    As the distance traveled is being tracked for each sales rep, his traveling allowance gets automatically calculated. Other expenses incurred by the sales executive can also be uploaded by him with a picture of the bill which gets reimbursed after approval. So, lots of time wasted in reimbursement calculation and approval gets saved.

SalesTrendz Benefits

  • SalesTrendz Benefits
  • Effective tracking of sales reps engaged in visits to clients and prospects.
  • A complete record of the distance traveled and visits made by the field sales reps.
  • Scheduling of appointments and route planning without any ambiguity or effort.
  • Complete visibility of the activities and performance of each field sales executive.
  • Increase in the productivity of your field sales force by two to four times.
  • Retain the top performing executives and weed out the non-performers in the very first week of their joining.
  • Reliable and authentic data collection, reports and analysis for future forecasts and planning.

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