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With GPS, you can track salespeople in real time, find valuable market insights, organize pipelines, and increase sales...

SalesTrendz has been developed to provide sales executives with a reporting and tracking solution. It has a real-time GPS tracking feature. This is the perfect application for on-site personnel tracking. There is no employee subscription option in this app. The administrator and management panel sends a request via email to his employees and sends them the username and password to use the application’s download link and application.

With the salesman tracking app, you can track the daily sales and field executives’ GPS locations and activities in real time.


SalesTrendz helps you track the location of salespeople with the help of GPS. You can track their daily movements, details, meeting times and sales orders.

SalesTrendz – An Android and iOS-based salesman tracking app tracks field sales team with GPS tracker, captures and collects/compiles updated data from execution point using a web-based admin panel. We developed a complete solution based on information obtained from various business categories, such as footwear, tile industry, pharma, FMCG, cement manufacturers, etc. to ensure sales growth and made it user-friendly.

Our salesman tracking application can perform all the sales activities like visiting customers, placing orders, collecting the payment, taking feedback, providing samples. The SalesTrendz app offers the salesperson to take pictures with location details, feed his daily expenses of any outdoor marketing activity. Imagine how your company can take advantage of the powerful features provided by SalesTrendz which entails all the minute details to help you in the decision making process.

Use the sales force tracking application SalesTrendz to improve the performance of the field sales team. With the in-depth analysis and reporting capabilities provided by SalesTrendz, your sales team can leverage your valuable resources and make informed decisions.

SALESTRENDZ, the main function of the sales automation and sales tracking app

Get to know where your salespeople are, who are they and their current orders?

1. Position tracking by GPS.

When a pin falls, Google’s location verification tool marks the location of each executive. Discarded pins are divided into one of two ways:

  • Verified: If the pin is dropped, track the sales representative within 300 feet (100 yards).
  • Unverified: The sales representative was not tracked within 300 feet of the pin.

2. Calculate the latest sales progress

Successful sales teams are based on close collaboration and smooth decision making. With SalesTrendz’s sales activity tracker, you can track sales progress and make efficient decisions across multiple locations. With the GPS-enabled mobile app, you can view sales representative locations, ongoing negotiations, meeting progress and live updates of exits. You get complete transparency of the sales cycle.

3. View the aerial view of the site representative

Tracking individual sales processes individually can be cumbersome. SalesTrendz amalgamates GPS location tracking with sales report updates to monitor each salesperson. Just evaluate your sales progress!

4. You can see where your sales representative is

Develop a daily plan for individual employees for as many customers or potential customers as possible. With the SalesTrendz Route Planner, you can add new meetings or schedule visits to your sales executives’ responsibilities.

5. Find a nearby customer.

The field sales executive can view the location of existing customers within 3 km. You can view the customer’s specific details, such as the frequency of visits, visiting date, and transaction history. In this way, the sales representative can plan his upcoming visit.

Improve sales efficiency and dominate your territory like never before.

6. Drop Pins

What does “salesperson tracking” mean? Real-time knowledge:

  • Location – Tracks if the salespersons are where they say they are.
  • Status – You can see the outcome of interactions with customers.
  • User – Identifies the specific email address of the sales representative.
  • Time and date stamped data – You can see the exact date and time the pin fell.
  • “Mapping” – Make sure the pin is dropped relative to where the salesman’s device is pinged.

7. It is now easier to track your GPS sales employees.

When you click the “Map” icon in the web or mobile application, the exact location of the sales representative is displayed. This information is always synced and up to date every time you execute an activity in your app.

Your avatar will appear on the Google map. Sales representatives can schedule work in the mobile app and use this feature to protect their privacy at a time when the watch is not working.

8. What sort of tracking is perfect for your business?

The default sales responsibility provides a position check for all pins created in SalesTrendz. This data has been tracked and is always available.

‘Live tracking’ allows you to see the real-time location of your sales executives and the default “Map” option shows the duration and journey plan for the day.

The common problem faced by administrators is tracking where the field sales team are. Is the person in charge really on the scene? Did they come to the right place? Are they actually at the location they say they are? SALESTRENDZ’s salesman tracking app will do it for you. Monitor employee performance with SALESTRENDZ and make sure they are in the right place.

9. What can you achieve after implementing SalesTrendz?

  • You don’t know where your sales executive is.
  • You know the live location of your sales executive.
  • Your company is unable to know the market demand for its products.
  • You know which product is in demand. Which product yields the highest revenue?
  • Scheduling tasks for your sales team become chaotic.
  • Arrange schedule and tasks for any size of a sales team.
  • Unreliable data on the company’s product range.
  • Users can view the reliable list of products.
  • Manual order processing is slow and unstable.
  • The company understands the geographical scope.
  • No confirmed attendance and no visibility of complete visit.
  • Order online to speed up the sales process. Advanced reports and analytics allow you to compare and decide.
  • You are unable to configure or it is often difficult to get a customized software.
  • Customized application based on your specifications and needs.
  • You can access user admin only in desktop.
  • Admin panel allows you to access not just on the web but from your phone also.

10. Performance matrix and advance reports.

When a salesperson uses the app to check in or check out customer access, the location is recorded, his duration is calculated, and the details are mapped in real time. Not only does this keep you connected to the team, but it also allows you to better plan and manages your sales team, their region, and their schedule.

‘Performance Matrix’ feature allows the admin to pick the best performer. It allows you to track the performance against target. Activity-based weight helps in deciding the star performer and weed out the non-performers.

The salesperson can use the application to enter order information and deliver the order to the retailers/distributors i.e., customers in real time. Receiving daily order information is no longer delayed. Auto-generation of reports, which reduces the stress on the salesmen and allows the manager to keep a tab on his activity. This means obtaining advanced sales reports on a single click, having full visibility thus leaves the sales managers to have extra time, hence eliminating the stress on the manager.

11. Key attributes of the salesman tracking app

SalesTrendz is more than just a salesman tracking application, it has all the business characteristics you can think of:

  • Attendance is marked in the App itself (Mapping of GPS location)
  • View your salesman’s location on the map in the App itself.
  • Users can check in/out when visiting customers (time and location are mapped)
  • Calculate the duration and distance traveled by a salesman can be checked by the manager in the Journey section.
  • Share order details using WhatsApp / SMS / Email.
  • You can submit inventory status (for secondary analysis)
  • A salesman can capture live images from his location.
  • Access admin panel in the mobile itself.
  • Users can set reminders and create his own visit schedule for the day
  • Customers can rate and comment feedback for the salesman who made the visit in the day.
  • Cheque/ Cash or any other payment option available for the customers
  • Can create a beat plan for the salesman, and the app displays a list of customers he should access.
  • You have the option of showing only the list of suppliers/distributors you want to.
  • You have the “price master” list which displays all the number of products for easy reference.
  • Price list masters where one can change the price of the product
  • Include outdoor marketing details (including photos, date and time and GPS location)
  • A brochure can be displayed to your customers/ suppliers for a newly launched product.
  • Check which product is in high demand with top-selling products in the analytics section
  • GPS locations are displayed on Google Maps during business hours so you can see where your employees are.
  • Place orders even in offline mode, the activities get synced when the salesperson comes online.
  • Customers can view discounts and orders in the app
  • Find out the top customers on an organization location basis.
  • Find the top organizations and top state from the analytics
  • Performance matrix to check the productivity of your sales executives.
  • Expense reports of sales executives relating to the field activities
  • Enable /disable email and SMS notification for an order placed, supplied; collection.
  • Daily cost records that allow administrators to create cost categories.
  • Immediate real-time update on the stock availability
  • “Geo-fencing “feature carves out a boundary for your sales executive with
  • Broadcast messages by selecting organizations and number of user types with “Flash message” feature
  • Share order details via WhatsApp
  • Generation of Invoice details
  • Geo-tag images with proof of location
  • Sales managers can access online reports.

12. Industries where SalesTrendz has been implemented

SalesTrendz has been successfully applied to companies of all sizes in all industries. Some companies that use SalesTrendz are:

  • Book publisher – For sales executive tracking and easy management of the bulk ordered books.
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) – Used to track salespeople/field forces.
  • On-site service – On-site personnel tracking service engineer (“Service Engineer”) to provide local on-site customer service.
  • Footwear manufacturers – Track salespeople who collect orders from the market.
  • Apparel manufacturers – Distribute samples and track sales teams that receive orders from retailers.
  • Agricultural products – Monitor sales team staff to visit farmers, retailers, and distributors.
  • Stationery industry – Ease in monitoring the bulk supply of products ranging from pens to pencils.
  • Baby products – Track sales force flow, ordering process, and other important information.
  • Durable brand – Monitor dealers’ performance in real time.
  • Cement production – You can operate more efficiently and extend your field sales business to new areas.

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