How to Train a Field Sales Representative

Field sales representatives have busy schedules to attend training, and waiting for the next sale may be difficult. That’s why salespeople who are always on the road should be trained in small segments that can provide high-quality service without interrupting their work.

Using media

Field sales representatives rely heavily on smartphones and tablets to place orders and cleanup work and travel. Therefore, it’s important to engage with media, apps, and online content. This is especially suitable for training salespeople. It has been proven that if people can see and hear what is being delivered, the retention rate will be higher. In fact, companies that use video-based training for their sales teams can get more accurate forecasts, higher customer renewal rates, and shorter sales cycles.


This should not be a time-limited event associated with field sales representatives. If the salesperson’s activities change over time and spend limited time in the office, a consensus training program can be difficult. With this in mind, you should prepare your content for mobile devices for use by sales representatives. In this way, you can access information when you need it without losing valuable training.

Bit size learning

Many have heard that people tend to lose concentration if they are away for 20 minutes. Others say 50% of their content is forgotten within five weeks after training. This is especially true when training is carried out during the day’s activities and the trainees have to concentrate for a long time.

Implement a micro-learning approach to avoid wasting valuable sales knowledge. Micro-learning is trained in 15-minute increments and is not very close. These short training bursts make knowledge easier to maintain, and salespeople give them time to practice what they have learned before moving on to the next meeting.

Open the door.

Due to busy schedule requirements, it is essential that field sales representatives are not trained for a period of time and cannot perform this task, so providing training if necessary. This means that sales representatives can help you deal with any educational issues that may arise.

This must be bidirectional. Training organizers should contact sales representatives every few days to keep track of training progress. Ask them how they work, what they need, and how they take e-learning. It also helps you determine whether mobile learning is implemented effectively and whether you need additional one-to-one training.

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