What Makes SalesTrendz a great Sales Force Automation Software?

Sales Force Automation Software

The term sales force automation refers to a system designed to track and manage sales activities for individuals and even large sales forces. A good sales force automation software allows information about sales opportunities to be easily accessible so it can be reviewed. This information stored in a sales force automation system may relate to individuals, companies, and even specific transactions. Good sales force automation provides the means for a busy sales manager to quickly find out what is happening with each sales opportunity and sales representative.

Characteristics of a good sales force automation software.

A good sales force automation system should be highly structured with steps that can be repeatedly used to manage all sales opportunities. In today’s highly competitive business environment many companies are looking for good Sales CRM software. The problem is that often sales force automation software can be expensive, difficult to set up, and hard to use. This is not the case with sales force automation software called SalesTrendz.

SalesTrendz – a powerful sales force automation software.

One of the key features of any good sales force automation software is the contact management feature. This sales force automation software makes contact management simple. The software is easy to set up and easy to use. With this sales force automation software all the information about individual or group sales opportunities is available at the click of a mouse. This includes not just the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the contacts, but the automation software also provides other data such as copies of related contracts and correspondence.

Any good sales force automation system should provide a company with the means to identify the sales trends that affect the business. The SalesTrendz sales force automation system is excellent for this. With this, managers can get an overall view of how sales are going for the company. Even more important the software will provide comprehensive information on how each team member is performing. This information provided by the software allows the company to accurately forecast future trends and company profits. If these forecasts are not up to expectations the software can help make improvements.

Individual sales representatives also benefit from this system.

A top-notch sales force automation system can be of great benefit to individual sales representatives. Each member of the team can use the software to keep them moving in the right direction. For example, some sales force automation systems are good at providing basic functions like calendaring but the SalesTrendz sales force automation system does much more than that. This sales force automation software helps a sales representative make sure that no appointments are missed and also helps with the follow-up necessary after those appointments. The software can automatically send out personalized e-mails to individuals or companies to make sure contact is maintained.

Closing sales require a step by step process.

Good sales force automation software should assist the sales team in closing sales. SalesTrendz does this by setting up a step by step process for each sales representative to follow. This includes all tasks that are identified by the software as being necessary to close a deal. Then the sales force automation software keeps the sales representative and manager up with the status of each task. The sales force automation system identifies what has to be done and helps to schedule the next step. If the steps set up by sales force automation are followed, there are no missed opportunities.

Reporting requirements are also simplified with good sales force automation.

One of the major benefits of good sales force automation software is that everyone is kept informed. SalesTrendz software provides a daily report on sales activities to every member of the sales team. This function of the sales force automation system allows the sales manager to make any necessary suggestions or adjustments. Their reports may be sorted by various fields including region, product, contact name or sales representative. The software also tells the sales manager the status of every opportunity, the likelihood of closure, and even potential closing dates.

Many reports are built into the Sales Trendz sales force automation software.

When other reports are needed they are easy to do because many of them are already built into Sales Trendz. These reports in the sales force automation software can be instantly accessed by those members of the company who need to see them. If customized reports are necessary they can easily be done with this software. No one involved is kept in the dark when the reporting features of SalesTrendz are used.

What makes SalesTrendz better than others?

There are other sales force automation systems on the market, but none are more flexible or easier to use than the Sales Trendz sales force automation system. This unique software can provide a competitive edge for companies of any size. Check out the Sales Trendz sales force automation software for Outlook for yourself by requesting a free demo at You’ll quickly see how affordable this award-winning sales force automation software can be and the many benefits it can provide. You’ll also find that it is easily the right software system for your company.

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