16 Sales reports examples you can use for daily, weekly or monthly reports

Using daily and/or weekly sales reports with your team can be one of the most powerful ways to improve team performance. Don’t you believe us? I will convince you to exercise, this is another example. Suppose your friend’s goal is to lose 10 pounds of fat or 5 pounds of muscle in two months. Your friends tell you what their plans are and they are excited about all the actions they take to achieve them. “I cut the carbohydrates, walked every day, and drank a lot of water,” he said with a smile, his face showing a trace. “I suggest you do fitness,” he replied. “How will you track your goals?”

At this point, your friend, “I won’t go until um, I am about six weeks, but I know that I have to work hard, I hit the target,” I said, very likely to question the judgment of your friends. You will think – yes, hard work is good, but you can see what happens if you can’t track your progress:

  • Are you doing everything?
  • Are you doing the right thing or doing more?
  • Do you need to fundamentally change the course to achieve your goals?

As another example, one of the secrets of great chefs is to constantly taste the food while preparing food. When you start to taste food at the end of the cooking process, you will find that the food changes too much. So they often test throughout the process.

While the example of this personal life seems obvious, many teams have missed the lesson of building business and monetizing.

What is a sales report?

The sales report or sales analysis report outlines the status of sales activities within the company. It shows the trends in sales over time and also analyzes the various stages of the sales funnel and sales executive. They provide a snapshot of the company’s workouts at a particular moment, assessing the situation, making the best decisions, and determining the type of behavior to perform. Sales reports help you identify potential new market opportunities that can improve your results.

They can be in various forms: the number of daily sales report format tracking metrics, the number of potential customers generated by the phone or meeting staff settings associated with the day-to-day calculation. A typical weekly sales report template can monitor the number of transactions or revenue generated by the team. With the monthly sales report format, you can view the overall status of the various tasks for the salesperson or the entire team.

There are various types of sales reports that focus on various aspects, including sales performance, sales development, sales target presets, and customer lifetime value measurement details. We also focus on salespeople and sales cycle performance from sales leads to closures.

What is the purpose of the sales report?

Think of your sales report as a “navigation assistant” that can help your sales team move in the right direction. Get the latest sales analysis software to gain insight into your sales performance, increase future sales and reduce your quota. They make a clear decision to your sales team to understand important things and what to do.

Only after the sales team confirmed this ambitious goal lays the cold quarter progress tracking the new six-digit revenue stream in the two months that will be realized in a way to achieve its goals. They are breaking their hips to make the goal real, but hard work is not enough.

You must work hard to do the right thing in time. In other words, you must work hard to learn your intentions and consciousness. This is what daily and weekly sales reports will help you achieve. It provides information about how team members continue to work, so you can modify the course as needed.

Reports can be used to display employees as long as they don’t use too much KPI to overburden the team. “This number is critical to our success, so we will track them often.” If you have a set of straightforward KPI examples, your team needs to implement these examples, instead, you can put all your energy into maximizing your profits.

For example, suppose you actively participate in the competition to strengthen your new business. If you use weekly reports, NOBODY may have made significant progress in a week. If you know this, you can switch to another strategy on time to achieve your monthly revenue goal.

Of course, all of this information is heavily dependent on the sales cycle. Typically, if you have an expensive business package, the monthly report will be a weekly report for a week and a half, and the weekly report will be similar to the daily report for other businesses with shorter sales cycles.

Now that you have confidence in the importance of daily and weekly reports, let’s look at some examples. I will complete some monthly reports.

How to create a sales report

You should keep in mind the ultimate goal when writing your report. In order to be familiar with the report, there are some important questions to ask yourself. Who did you report to you? Why is that? Is it a weekly inspection or a situation assessment or an activity project? How long is the report? What is the key information I want to share?

Once these questions are answered, you can easily create the report accordingly. How is this going?

  • Define your audience: Consider who will read and understand before writing. If you are familiar with their background and the jargon they use.
  • Define the purpose of the report: share monthly upgrades with top management, or share weekly overviews and sales target analysis with the team. Both reports have different structures and the information they share is very different.
  • Determine date range: You can choose to create a daily report as well as a monthly report, or display data from the previous quarter or year.
  • Proper data collection: Because you want to set up specific KPIs to track, you need to use business analysis tools to compile and analyze all KPIs. The solution is designed to simplify data analysis and immediately create sales reports.
  • Visualize and communicate your analysis results. The most important part of analyzing and digesting insights from your data is communicating this information to your audience. Expert dashboards with real-time data can help you stay up-to-date when sharing insights.
  • Providing a background: When you are often forgotten and thinking and thinking deeply, numbers never tell a complete story. Provide more background and images for the character. This is especially true when presenting weekly sales report templates. Is the overall trend rising or falling?
  • Show your creativity! Add some fun or personal feelings to increase your confidence and attract the attention of your audience as you write your report!

How to write a sales report to the boss

When you create a daily, weekly or monthly sales report, all of the above steps apply to your boss. But this time, the audience has been defined and specific. I am writing for myself and/or senior management. So what to consider when writing to the boss.

  • Focus on what matters to the boss. Please select the correct indicator. As you write this article, you should remember why your boss needs reporting and focus on providing the exact information you need to make the best data-driven decisions. When collecting data, choose important metrics such as revenue growth, previously set goals and achievement status, and monthly or yearly sales revenue. Since the data is at the heart of the report, it’s time to collect the data and clear it clearly.
  • Visualize data for better delivery. Instead of adding a series of charts at a time to make it easier to master, you should choose to provide an outline for the dashboard. Dashboards are important for visualizing all metrics in an efficient manner. You can get inspiration from other dashboard examples and templates. The benefit of using these dashboards is that they are always up-to-date when processing real-time data. Synchronization and file updates do not have to be repeated 100 times!
  • Don’t forget the executive summary. Don’t forget to add an executive summary to complete. The abstract may be at the beginning of the report. It is a good idea to write a summary before presenting the data and results. In fact, it will summarize the key insights you have drawn, but you will also ask the next step. It is not always the time for the CEO to explain the details, so it is necessary to have a summary paragraph that outlines the points.

6 daily sales reports and KPIs

For daily reports, you don’t want to focus too much on the metrics associated with the results. Instead, I want to focus more on process metrics. What’s the difference?

The resulting metrics are similar to sales acquisitions or account closures that are not directly controllable by salespeople. Process metrics are items that a sales representative can directly control, such as the number of salespeople’s calls, the number of outgoing emails, or the number of meetings you set.

Every day your representative will spend bad days and good days for reasons beyond your control. Therefore, it is premature to examine low-income jobs representatively and bring them back to the office. This is certainly an example of micro-management.

However, if it is for a few days in a row, or if the representative is not executing in the normal standard of the week, then asking if this happens is a good sign. Maybe they need to learn new skills – maybe their dogs will die and they will be in a bad place. Either way, what supports them is their role as a manager. Here are some examples of KPIs that you can track in your daily sales report template.

1) Sales / settled transactions

sales reports examples

This KPI calculates the number of sales for the day. This is especially important for small retailers who have a large number of low value-added products and need to close as much as possible to create profits.

2) Representing the number of meetings set

sales reports examples

While promising customers can’t really force you to set up a meeting with a will, you can control most of the meetings you set up. Although KPIs can measure workload, it does not track the explicit delivery of calls and/or emails because it is very easy to operate.

This includes important courses on KPIs and even important courses on everyday goals. You must achieve your overall goal. If the routine KPI measurement project does not contribute to the overall goal, it is not worth it. In short, it is difficult to set up too many sales meetings, which is useful for displaying KPIs in daily reports.

3) Number of opportunities created

Opportunities are basically qualified leads due to good response and interaction. This is not a spam address or a fake phone number. Opportunities can be conversations that end in a meeting and open the way for increased sales interactions.

4) Number of customer conversations for contacts

This is the same as “How many phone conversations and direct meetings do you have every day?” In other words, if everyone else is equal, then your business will get more results than those who spend more time talking to you.

Of course, this assumes that you have the appropriate qualifying clues.

5) The number of touch points created by the contact

Please see the following:

  • At least the number of emails sent to potential customers
  • How many calls have been made and/or leave voicemails to interested customers

With this dimension, everyone wants to provide an overall “effort” KPI without having to manipulate it too easily. Therefore, to calculate an email or phone conversation, it may be useful to specify that you must contact the customer in advance and identify them as potential customers.

6) The number of new leads created by the responsible person

This is a very intuitive report. If you’re concerned about someone using a low-quality lead to make a number, you can check the prospect’s specific eligibility and write a report based on that number.

6 weekly sales report example and KPI

A week is the best time unit to measure the performance of individual salespeople. A month is usually too long, so you will miss the opportunity to repair the course until after. One day it was too short to see real and meaningful results dependencies. Of course, the best time to measure salesperson performance depends on your business model.

1) Sales by channel

This is a more “strategic” KPI that can be used effectively over a longer period of time. In essence, this report shows that the physical areas and methods acquired by customers generate the most revenue.

You need to prioritize your sales activities with total sales for proper adjustment.

2) Salesperson ends sales

Depending on the length of the sales cycle, you may not be able to get meaningful revenue metrics because your week is slightly shorter, but it is still a useful report. If your sales cycle is shorter, you can see a 2-3 week trend.

Through a long sales cycle, this report can help you determine when a salesperson closes a sale, making future forecasts more accurate.

3) Opportunity ratio

This report shows a simple sales KPI that shows the effect of each salesperson when giving up opportunities. Expected to be slightly different, but if one is better than another, you can get the best clue. Or, you may have the skill to teach the rest of this person.

sales reports examples

If the person in charge is not shut down at the same speed as his peers, it is at least coincidental – at least once a week. However, if these weekly reports continue to show the same trend, it may be time to help them.

4) Customer meeting attended by the agent

This is great for the weekly sales report format. While it is difficult to make meaningful conclusions about the number of meetings each participant participates during the day, the weekly schedule shows a different story.

These meetings can be virtual meetings or direct meetings, but this report shows how they work because successful salespeople will continue to hold meetings.

5) Leading to opportunity ratio

sales reports examples

By tracking this metric weekly, you can assess the number of non-conforming and verified leads. A qualified prospect is usually an opportunity. Positive interactions can lead to face-to-face meetings or conference calls as well as the advantages of termination. The lead opportunity ratio tells you how many potential customers you need to achieve your goals in terms of revenue. Having a benchmark rate tells you how many leads you need to achieve your target growth while generating predictable revenue.

6) Lead conversion rate

sales reports examples

As the name implies, this report tracks the number of potential customers ending with “win”. Lead to monetization of customers. This is one of the most important ratios in the sales team because it provides a standard by which the team can determine the number of potential customers needed to achieve business goals. It varies by company and industry, but usually, the lower lead conversion rate warns of weaknesses in sales channels.

Monthly sales report examples and templates

A brief overview of the monthly sales report can be found in more detail. As mentioned earlier, it may take too long to miss an opportunity before it is too late, but a month can give a broader understanding of the long-term performance of salespeople.

1) Sales cycle report

sales reports examples

The monthly report covers the entire sales channel, sales representatives, and opportunities from the close. It describes the performance of each representative to indicate whether they recognize how good and how long the transaction is close to completing the transaction.

When you imagine that these metrics will help provide the information, you need to understand each individual’s strengths and weaknesses and respond appropriately.

2) Sales conversion report

sales reports examples

The report supplements the last report as follows: Then, at each step of the funnel, you can see if this person is how effectively you switch the leads to the seal industry.

To pinpoint problems that can occur and fix through each step of the analysis program, you can increase your sales conversion rate.

3) Sales and order reports

sales reports examples

A monthly sales report template that can be used by online retailers. To track all the details, it is sometimes difficult for the order to treat so many ships in time, but they usually return. The increase in sales will be a multi-level, return-to-return process that is managed repeatedly by all retailers, but this goal is very helpful. First, you can analyze 2 euros which is the amount of money returned to the second item. Find out where the problem lies and resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

Doing so can easily improve customer satisfaction, and we know that this is a satisfying customer visit once. You can recommend products and services, even friends and family. It is what you want to achieve.

4) Sales report

sales reports examples

The final monthly sales report template was chosen to appear in the overview by the broad performance of various KPIs. This is very useful if you decide to create a monthly report. However, because they have shown more than a year of data, they appear here further. In just one month, you can import data.

Ensuring that the goal is achieved from the process, from the cost to the number of customers acquired during the customer acquisition, to the team that each customer derives from the average profit to the value of life, once the information provided is clear at a glance.

What is a sales report?

In summary, here is a list of long and rich articles that can be found in sales reports.

  • Overview of the company’s business and activities
  • To assess activity tracking and analysis for the sale of specific KPIs
  • Determined time period, where KPI analysis
  • To visualize all collected data graphs and charts
  • Executive summary

In this blog post, we introduce the following:

Daily and/or weekly sales reports are very important because it allows you to work hard, with intention and awareness.

Daily, weekly and monthly sales reports will be reported in KPIs that can be used with the sales team.

What’s important is that we are talking about other positions, not just pushing new business processes at once. Instead, choose what we think is most useful for you and your team to implement KPIs. Then use the report for more than a month and you can add or keep sales as a report. Get more inspiration from the sales charts in the image above for more reports!

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