4 Easy ways to improve your Personality at your Workplace

How to improve workplace personality- Based on lecture of Management Consultant- Pankaj Gilra with SalesTrendz team held on 30th Oct 2018

Observation and improvement go hand in hand

According to a study, 98.5% people do not like to be observed by someone. But being observed if taken positively, helps in self growth as the output that you get from your observer is always helps you improve workplace personality. It irks most of us but if you keep aside your ego for a second and just focus on what you are gaining, you will find it worthy.

Observation mostly occurs on the work front where you are always under the eye of your in charge. Your appearance, conduct and attitude – everything has to be taken care of and these elements are especially important in the professional world. A person is tested with how he responds to criticism and how he handles a difficult situation.

Observing is a skill that may not seem hard but is really crucial for one’s growth and identifying one’s mental toughness. But it needs to be done in a very constructive manner on the person being observed.

Observation must not be weird or like a personal remark, it strictly has to be professional. Also it must not disturb the person when he is performing, the comment or the feedback needs to be given at the end of the session.

Let me share a real time scenario on how observation can help you:

Once there was a hospital that hired few consultants for the purpose of observing what the doctors are doing. These set of consultants are hired not just to observe how the surgery is performed but also to look how the doctor engages with his patients and their relatives.

So one of the consultant walks in with the doctor to the operation theater where there is the doctor, a nurse, an assistant and other people present. The consultant stands in the corner and quietly starts observing the doctor perform the surgery.

Post-Surgery, the consultant walks out with the doctor and then observes the doctor’s engagement with the relatives of the patient.

The consultant then reaches the doctor’s cabin. The doctor asks “So, how did you find the things in the operation theater?”

The consultant gives his feedback. He says “I did not look much into the surgery since you are the master of that.”

But he pointed out two things. One, the light above the operation table was not focusing on the area of surgery and secondly, the doctor made the right hand movement from time to time which was distracting the other ops team there.

To sum it all observation is ideally a suggestion to improvise on.

Responsibility and accountability?

Responsibility is understood as an obligation to perform a particular task.

Accountability denotes answerability, for the completion of the task assigned by the superior.

The state of having the duty, to do whatever it takes to complete the task, is known as responsibility. The condition, wherein a person is expected to take ownership of one’s actions or decisions, is called accountability.

Your duties or role is your responsibility, an authority of a thing, the number of activities or tasks on how to accomplish and to ensure that they are met that calls for accountability. You are accountable for the outcome and responsibility is walking the steps to ensure that the work is done.

Collaboration is the key

To progress in life, one must define his role and take the steps to achieve it. The path you are walking to reach your goal has to be constructive and you need to be committed to the path.

Question yourself, are you moving forward or lagging behind? Alternate measures taken to accomplish tasks through collaboration and cooperation will help you improve workplace personality. Accomplishment of work comes hand in hand with interaction.

On the work front, collaborating with your colleagues and building a good rapport with them will lighten your pressure at work. To improve workplace personality, get out of your regular- redundant life and embrace some change. If you just have a minute change in your activity, it will not only improve workplace personality but it will also add to fun at your workplace.

Empower your message through an Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is meant to last the duration of an elevator ride, which can vary in length from approximately 15 seconds to two minutes. Therefore, the main focus of an elevator pitch should be to make it short and direct. The first two sentences of any elevator pitch are the most important, and should hook or grab the attention of the listener. Information in an elevator pitch, due to the limited amount of time, should be short in order to express the most important ideas or concepts within the allotted time.

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