Advantages of Using an Online Sales System

The digital age is coming and not only is it a trend, it should be accessible at any time. In addition to desktop software, you can now use an online system, also known as SaaS (Software as a Service).

The online sales system has the advantage of being part of SaaS. Imagine the benefits of network systems, open computers from anywhere, account login and business verification, inventory checks, seller sales management and all the data you need in real time.

Now let’s take a closer look at the benefits of an online sales system.

  1. Time saving: No need to install CD, license or software on your PC or computer. Therefore, your computer does not take up hard disk space. In addition, all downloads can be completed instantly online without user downloads. As an online system, you can access it immediately.
  2. Cost Savings: Maintenance costs, system updates and improvements will be borne by the supplier. SaaS is a service and, like all services, it always focuses on improving the system so that all customers get the latest updates and features. PC software, on the other hand, cannot be purchased for a license or paid for a system change.
  3. Compatible with most devices: It can be accessed from any device that can access the internet from your computer, phone or tablet.

There is no incompatibility between versions because everyone can use it.

Software compatible with Windows, MAC or other operating systems must be downloaded. With online sales system, you only need the Internet.

  1. Simultaneous Access from Multiple Devices: SaaS applications can be used simultaneously on multiple devices anywhere, rather than on one or more devices.

Imagine you have a lot of customers in your store, your computer is broken, and you sell it as fast as replacing a defective computer with another PC or laptop. You cannot use the PC software because the system can only be used on the computer on which the installation was performed.

  1. Scalability: This is the ability for an enterprise or system to evolve and the online system has the flexibility to evolve with the user. The function of the online system is to provide additional services as needed. For example, connect more branches and add new distribution centers, warehouses, etc. You can request it without installing additional software or downloading it to your PC.
  2. High data availability and security: Information is stored in the cloud and can be used by any user who can access and back up from hardware, location to prevent information loss.
  3. Permanent after-sales support: As a service, users get permanent help in case of problems. The provider is not only a rental software, but also wants the user to be satisfied.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is an increasingly practical option for organizations that want to access software solutions and data analysis tools without having to rely on installing and running applications on their own systems. . According to IDC’s research, SaaS accounts for about 60% of cloud spending by 2020.

And do you expect to enter the digital age? Take advantage of the online sales system and gain the flexibility to do business anywhere. If you have electronic payments integrated into our system, there’s no better way. We will make your time and business more efficient.

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