The right equation for sales team motivation

sales team motivation

For decades, sales managers were looking for magic formulas for motives for sales. Many companies offer incentives such as cash rewards or travel, but these incentives are usually won by some superstar salespeople in the organization, preventing low-income and intermediate performers from leaving the forest.

In fact, sales professionals are differently motivated in different ways. Factors that make a star performer happy can reduce the motivation of a regular performer who needs more encouragement. To build a successful sales team, managers must customize the sales motivation and compensation plan for each team member.

According to Thomas Steenburgh and Michael Ahearne of the Harvard Business Review, “Some advanced companies have deceived their teams into better performance by treating their sales force as a portfolio that requires different levels of attention and attention. It has many features, and according to the internal motive and more and more research, stars, jumbles, and key performers are motivated by other aspects of the plan.”

Fortunately, you can take action to increase motivation in all aspects of the sales process.

1. Effective sales motivation means collecting personal marks first.

Most sales organizations measure each metric based on the number of calls, sent e-mail, opportunities opened, and the amount of completed transactions, but the usual way to evaluate sales metrics is limited. Lower-level performers can improve their stats significantly in the next quarter, but they still end up because their numbers are not as high as stars. It does not mean that he should not be compensated for his achievements. The Garden’s diverse sales metrics prevent managers from seeing indicators that accurately reflect the performance of individual salespeople.

Sirius Decisions, an analyst, said, “While measuring sales based solely on results and underlying cost structures is clearly a clean one, salespeople must rely on intuition to determine how to do business.”

Unfortunately, I cannot find an “intuitive” report in my CRM solution. Therefore, measuring the significance of “fuzzy” indicators is not clear for direct performance.

Here are the individual dimensions that sales managers can measure to better describe the atmosphere of the team.

  • Lead and pipe quality
  • Work ethics
  • Product knowledge
  • Closing technology

You can easily find these metrics using CRM or marketing tools. You can also get this information from your team regularly. Once you get it, you should be in a better position to understand the motivation of each salesperson to the team.

2. Use statistics to determine the motivations of each salesperson.

With custom metrics, you can evaluate each salesperson’s incentives. This is especially important if you have multiple generations of personnel. Monetary rewards can move some people. Others will improve their work-life balance better (for example, sometimes working at home). Motivation from the pressure of the sales manager can be useful to other people through a non-intrusive approach.

The following are four aspects of the sales system that can have a significant impact on motivation.

  • The appeal of compensation plans and systems
  • Quality of sales tools and marketing content
  • Competitiveness of product function and price range
  • The depth and frequency of education and coaching programs

Sales productivity applications such as SalesTrendz connect performance to less obvious aspects of sales motivation by applying machine learning and emotional analysis to salespeople’s activities and personal emotions. With these compelling connections, sales managers can motivate their teams and build better sales brochures.

3. Implement customized incentive plans

With personal metrics and intelligence, sales managers can develop motivation and compensation plans to improve performance and retention. The key to effective motivation is finding the correct feedback time, channel, and frequency for each member. Superstars rarely require much guidance, but medium and low performance requires intermittent goals and manager’s periodic feedback.

Sales representatives can effectively implement sales motivation plans by:

  • Encourage team-level goals.
  • I will continue to recognize my team members.
  • Provide personalized coaching
  • Organizing Informal Teaming Activities

The sales performance management platform (our favorite ambition) helps managers see the milestones on TV and identify typical performance based on individual or team goals. This platform is also a rivalry and competition between teams. There is a strong incentive and many salespeople want to take advantage of the competitive nature of the sale.

In terms of rewards, some companies have allowed team members to choose compensation, compensation, and frequency within reasonable limits. This may include a bonus option, or a vacation and allowance instead of a cash bonus.

4. Leave the communication channel open.

Motivation and coaching are based on communication, so if everyone works on an island, the world’s best sales brochures will not work. Just as a salesperson is motivated by another compensation plan, the degree of communication required varies from person to person. Some people are good at inspiring information, and others can benefit from virtual kicks in trained pants or pants. Repeated notifications may upset some salespeople, but others may welcome them as guides. Anyone can regularly update events and opportunities via their smartphone.

It is not universal and automated to encourage the sales team to solve the problems of the sales brochure. The salesperson is human and each human is different. If managers can provide individually tailored plans for their sales motivations, they can achieve the best results for all team members.

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